Government’s Recent Poor Conservation Record, What We Can Do?

Conservation is important if we want to protect endangered species. Without their natural habitats, these species will face extinction. 

Government's Recent Poor Conservation Record, What We Can Do?

The government has the finances and power to massively contribute to conserving our environment, natural resources, and endangered species. Unfortunately, many governments across the world put very little effort into conservation.

This guide aims to change that! We hold the government accountable for its recent poor conservation record and examine how things can change. By working together, we can conserve this wonderful world.

Government Conservation Record

Governments throughout the globe have been criticized for their lack of policies to help with conservation. 

In 2021, the United Nations Climate Change Conference was criticized for its failure to address climate problems. Their policies, such as slowly reducing the amounts of fossil fuels used, were seen as not doing enough to protect the planet.

Consequently, protests occurred due to insufficient policies.

This is just one example of governments and organizations not doing their part.

How Can The Government Protect The Environment?

The government’s conservation record is severely lacking. Annoyingly, there are lots of actions that they can take to rectify this. The government is unlikely to commit to these strategies.

If you are wondering what role the government can play in conserving the environment, we have picked some of the top strategies.

Aid Independent Agricultural Producers

Aside from the production of electricity and transportation, agriculture is one of the highest producers of greenhouse gases. In particular, the meat industry contributes significantly to these greenhouse gas emissions.

Such high levels of greenhouse gas emissions are not good for the environment. This is because these gases trap heat in the atmosphere, resulting in drastic climate change. 

The meat industry also negatively impacts the environment by taking up a lot of lands, resulting in deforestation. Plus, the industry uses copious quantities of water.

This does not mean that everyone needs to become vegan or vegetarian. Instead, more governmental support should be given to sustainable agricultural producers. This will result in more people buying food through sustainable farming.

Defend Essential Ecosystems

Ecosystems need to be protected because they contain animal and plant life. By restoring and protecting these ecosystems, the government can conserve the organisms that live inside of them. Examples of key ecosystems include rivers and forests.

Remove Climate Pollutants

The government needs to promote the use of renewable energy methods. The continued use of pollutants, such as carbon dioxide (CO2), harms the environment.

Carbon dioxide is particularly problematic because it stays in the atmosphere for a long time. Thus, if the government banned this pollutant, it would still be present in our atmosphere.

Short-lived pollutants are also damaging, though they do not last for as long as carbon dioxide and other long-lived pollutants. Among the short-lived pollutants are methane, ozone, and black carbon.

These pollutants not only cause environmental problems but also pollute the air. Since this can have an impact on human health, the government must control the use of short and long-lived pollutants.

Why Isn’t The Government Doing More?

Why Isn’t The Government Doing More?

As stated, the government can do more to aid conservation. Why is this? Well, there are lots of different reasons that are resulting in the government not helping the government to the full extent.

Here are some of the main reasons:

A Shortage Of Funds

While governments seemingly have a lot of money, there are lots of things that they need to spend money on. Conservation groups need money to perform their worthwhile work.

Consequently, they have to rely on charity and donations. Very little of these donations don’t come from the government.

They Focus on Short-Term Solutions

The government uses short-term solutions instead of long-term policies. These short-term policies are preferred by the government because they deliver quick results. Sadly, conservation is a long-term problem.

Their Policies are Too Slow

It can take a while for policies to be introduced. This has meant that change regarding conservation and climate change has been incredibly slow. Yet, these are issues that are occurring quickly.

Therefore, a faster response is needed if the government is to do more to address these issues.

How Can People Help Conserve The Environment?

Because the government has such a poor record when it comes to conservation, individuals are having to take action to ensure that nature is conserved. If you have a passion for conservation, there are lots of things that you can do to help, such as:

  • Adopt an animal, namely an endangered species.
  • Use social media to increase awareness.
  • Donate to conservation charities, such as World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) or Save the Rhino.
  • Recycle and refrain from littering.
  • Get involved with a litter-picking event.
  • Reduce your plastic usage.
  • Lessen your electricity reliance by turning off appliances where possible.
  • Try to waste less food.
  • Wear thick clothes and use blankets in the winter to reduce energy consumption. 
  • Utilize public transport or get involved in a car share scheme.
  • Make compost heaps.
  • Place homes for animals, such as bird boxes, in gardens.
  • Campaign for the government to focus on conservation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Conservation Matter?

Conservation is crucial because it ensures that the environment and the animals that live in it are protected. This prevents these species from becoming endangered or extinct. 

Moreover, conservation efforts allow future generations to enjoy the pleasure of the planet. They can experience Earth’s magnificent environment. This is known as posterity.

Is Climate Change Reversible?

Yes, climate change can be reversed. Of course, this cannot happen right away. It will take a while for things to noticeably change. However, without policies designed to target climate change, it will take even longer for climate change to be reversed.

Final Thoughts

It is disappointing that insufficient funds and resources are being used to conserve this beautiful environment and the creatures that inhabit it. Even though the government has a bad conservation record, this should not deter you from working to conserve our world. 

With this guide, you can find out how you can help conservation efforts. This puts you in an empowered position to help the world!

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