About Us

With so many natural disasters ripping away habitats, and even more hunters on the lookout for any movement, it has become more vital than ever that we now become defenders of our world’s wildlife. 

Hello, I’m Mindy Russel and I have had a fascination with animals and wildlife since I could talk. I was obsessed with animal toys, posters, and books, and would always be watching the nature channel on TV. 

Learning about how animals created a safe space for me growing up, and I felt connected to each one I read about. I have always told anyone who will listen wacky and wonderful facts about wildlife. 

Did you know that Australian ‘Firehawks’ use fire to catch prey? That’s pretty cool! 

Despite my love of animal facts, I am running out of people in my life to tell them to now. That’s where you come in! I have created Defenders Blog to share all the amazing information surrounding wildlife with anyone who actually wants to listen. 

So, if that sounds like you, please enjoy my website! Wildlife needs more defenders when it cannot defend itself, so let’s start this process by learning all there is to know about it.