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Tracking whale sharks with Jeff Corwin »

Join Defenders of Wildlife board member Jeff Corwin as he continues to document how the Gulf oil disaster will impact wildlife in the region. In this Nightly News piece with MSNBC’s Brian Williams, Jeff dives right in to check on the health of the largest fish on the planet: the whale shark.

Petroleum wasteland »

Throughout the day I maintain hours-long point counts when we are on station, and also run strip transects when the Foster moves to a new station. But this search for any marine birds is futile. For the first time ever, I fail to see a single bird during an entire day at sea. And I have to wonder, has this petroleum wasteland driven them away?

What about the whales? »

Sperm whales, which can weigh up to 60 tons and reach 60 feet in length, reside year-round in the Gulf of Mexico. Their strong attraction to specific areas for breeding and feeding may override any tendency for them to avoid noxious oil, and several whales have already been spotted swimming through oily, contaminated waters.