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Salmon v. Pesticides: A Losing Battle »

Defenders legal team is fighting to protect Pacific salmon and steelhead from toxic pesticides that end up in our waterways. It’s time for the EPA to follow expert recommendations and limit pesticide spraying and prevent runoff that continues to threaten sensitive aquatic wildlife.

BREAKING NEWS: Feds Announce Offshore Drilling Ban, Omit Arctic Coast »

In a long-awaited move, the Obama administration today announced that it will not allow offshore oil drilling in the eastern Gulf of Mexico or off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts as part of the next five-year drilling plan. This is a welcome reversal of an announcement less March – made less than a month before the disastrous Deepwater Horizon blowout – that the administration had approved new offshore drilling off of Virginia, North Carolina’s Outer Banks, and both coasts of Florida. But not all of America’s coasts are safe from dirty and dangerous drilling operations.

Wolf Weekly Wrap-up »

Check out this week’s wolf news: a video on “Living with Wolves” in Oregon; the Wyoming two-step; wolves go down in Montana; voices of reason from Alaska to Minnesota!

Defenders in the News »

The Obama administration is making a historic shift to powering our nation with clean, renewable energy. To do this right, we need to design environmentally sound projects…