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An American Bird You Don’t Want to Eat »

The turkey may be the Thanksgiving Day mascot, but it doesn’t hold a feather to the bald eagle when it comes to representing the United States. The only eagle unique to North America, this majestic bird is emblazoned on our coins and featured on most of our national seals – including the presidential seal. But you’re much more likely to find one of these birds in your wallet than your backyard.

It’s Not Easy Being Green… »

Some exciting news from our friends over at the National Zoo! Defenders of Wildlife, the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and 5 other zoos around the country have partnered on The Panama Amphibian Rescue project, created to capture frogs that are directly in the path of chytrid fungs, an epidemic which is wiping out frog populations across the globe, and keep them safe until they can be once again be returned to the wild