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Florida panther, © Larry W. Richardson/USFWS

Creating Safe Passage for Panthers »

For Florida panthers to survive, the growing population must move north. But in that direction lies a landscape criss-crossed with miles of roads. And as far too many of these endangered panthers have learned over the years, they are no match for a speeding car.

Florida panther, © Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Using Open Data to Protect our Most Vulnerable Species »

We’re thrilled to be widening the scope of our work to include more of the incredible biodiversity found in the American southeast. But where to start? We wanted to be sure that our work would help to protect the species and places that are most at risk – so we turned to the data.

florida panther, © Melissa Farlow/NGS

Life in Panther Country »

With more people moving into panther country – and thankfully more panthers in the wild – it’s more important than ever that residents learn the simple steps they can take to help these endangered cats continue to recover.