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The Red Wolf of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow »

For every endangered species, the road to recovery is anything but straightforward. On paper, it may seem black and white, but in reality, it’s not just a matter of numbers or years—it’s a matter of modest successes, small setbacks, hard-earned lessons, and, above all, unwavering commitment. Few species better embody this long road to recovery… Read more »

Helping Sea Turtles Survive »

Sea turtle nesting season is in full swing and Florida is a hot spot of nesting activity for many species. Learn about what you can do to help hatchling sea turtles survive.

Summer Travel Season »

The summer travel season is well underway. Many vacationers are hitting the highways seeking summer adventure and a change of scenery. At the same time, wildlife is on the move, with animals searching for food, raising their young, and looking for new territory.