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desert bighorn sheep, © Byron Hukee

Wiring the Grid »

The plan to add an energy transmission corridor through the Mojave Trails National Monument threatens to undo many critical conservation gains.

desert tortoise in Mojave Desert, ©Nate Rathbun

A Tough Race »

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management has proposed doubling off-road vehicle routes in the western Mojave Desert, placing the already threated desert tortoise in greater danger.

San Joaquin kit foxes, © USFWS

Fighting For the Future of Panoche Valley Wildlife »

The Panoche Solar Farm, a 339 mega-watt solar photovoltaic energy facility, would destroy 2,506 acres in the heart of the Panoche Valley, an area home to an immense array of wildlife. For some endangered species in particular, this habitat is their last, best chance for survival. We cannot let this project take that away.