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Lionfish on the Loose »

It’s a case of “Free Willy” gone wrong: the release of a home aquarium animal into the tropical waters off of Florida has resulted in a potentially devastating explosion of invasive species populations along the U.S. Atlantic coast. The runaway? Lionfish.

Wreaking Havoc on Coral Reefs »

Coral reefs and their wildlife, like bright orange clownfish, sea anemones and colorful sponges, face threats like climate change and overfishing every day. But there’s a lesser known threat lurking among the waves: international trade in coral reef animals for “ornamental” uses like home and business aquariums, jewelry and household decorations.

Live from Cancun: Helping Ecosystems Adapt to Climate Change »

Which way to the beach? Read Defender’s own Noah Matson’s latest report from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change talks, where he’s staying out of the sand and instead focusing on how we can best protect ecosystems like coral reefs and wetlands – and the services they provide to people and wildlife alike – from the devastating impacts of climate change.

Coral Reefs Reeling in Wake of Oil Disaster »

How are coral reefs near ground zero of BP’s oil disaster faring only four months after the capping of the tragic spill? According to a report released by a team of federal researchers, not good.