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Coral Reef, © NOAA

Do Corals Stand a Chance? »

From acidification and bleaching to an unsustainable wildlife trade, the world’s coral reefs are in an ocean of trouble. Join Defenders’ friend and board member Jeff Corwin as he dives beneath the waves to investigate the threats facing these hotspots of biodiversity, and what’s being done to save them.

Coral Reef, © NOAA

Can’t Live Without ‘Em: Corals »

Corals host a quarter of the ocean’s biodiversity, providing us with food, recreation, storm protection and potential medical cures.

Cut the Power, Cut the Carbon »

As summer heats up, most of us want to cool down. But taking advantage of breezy days when the mercury isn’t too high is a great way to cut back on otherwise fired up carbon emissions. Take it from Alli – staying cool for coral!

Below the Surface: Deep-sea Impacts of the BP Oil Disaster »

When Defender’s marine scientist, Dr. Dan Thornhill, and his colleagues at Auburn University began a three-year study on deep-sea animals in the Gulf of Mexico, they had no idea their research would focus on the impacts from the largest oil spill in U.S. history.