Resilience »

When a human being ingests poison, some is absorbed in the stomach, and much is distributed to the vital organs by the blood vessels. For the Earth, the constant motion of water through its passageways can take oil and chemical dispersants to its most vulnerable and essential systems. Last night, a flight over some of the coastal wetlands and barrier islands of the Gulf of Mexico brought home the terror of this reality.

Is it Worth It? »

Jamie Rappaport Clark considers the long-term costs of off-shore drilling in this video report from the Gulf.

Appreciating beauty… and responsibility »

It was day two of my Gulf Coast tour with Defenders of Wildlife. We wanted to visit this national park to understand better what awaits the mess of oil and toxic chemicals now loitering in the Gulf from the April disaster that has to date unleashed millions of gallons of oil into the waters of this region.

Hoping for the best in Fairhope »

I woke up this morning in Fairhope, Alabama. It seemed so appropriate, staying in a town named Fairhope. As we wait for this disaster to unfold, we all are embracing any sort of “fair hope” that damage caused by the spill won’t be as bad as anticipated.