Suzanne Asha Stone

Senior Northwest Representative
Suzanne has worked in wolf restoration in the northern Rockies since 1988, including serving as a member of the 1995/1996 USA/Canadian wolf reintroduction team. She currently oversees Defender's programs for wolf conservation and restoration in the Northwest USA and she works directly with ranchers and farmers across the West to help livestock owners and wildlife managers devise and implement strategies to reduce wolf and livestock conflicts.

Posts By: Suzanne Asha Stone

Gray wolf, © Tracy Brooks/USFWS

The Wolves Lost in the Lolo »

Last month, at the request of Idaho Game and Fish Department, agents aerial gunned down 20 wolves in the remote Lolo Creek area of the Clearwater National Forest — public lands that belong to the American people. It’s time to come out and speak for the wolf.

Noble Wolf, © Larry Gambon

Idaho has declared a war on wolves »

Nearly 20 years ago, I served on the team that carefully captured and released the first wolves in Idaho and Yellowstone National Park. Though this reintroduction effort was heralded internationally as a significant American achievement in the recovery of endangered species, we’re in a far different place today, and especially in Idaho.

Wolf, © James Brandenburg / National Geographic Stock

I Was There »

It was a bitterly cold winter morning when the convoy departed down the remote Forest Service road near Salmon, Idaho. Decades after scientists first called for the restoration of wolves in the region, the first four wolves arrived in Idaho on January 14, 1995, thanks to the Endangered Species Act…