Rosa Indenbaum

International Policy Analyst
Rosa is our former international policy analyst assisting the program primarily on international conservation in the United States.

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Abronia graminea, © Adam G Clause

A Successful Year at CITES! »

A big part of our work year-round is helping countries create proposals to present at the next CITES meeting, and gather support for them. Months, even years of work go into these proposals to better protect species native to the Americas from the often devastating demands of wildlife trade — but it’s not until the COP that we get to see if they are accepted.

Leatherback sea turtle, © Claudia Lombard/USFWS

The Human Role in Wildlife Trafficking »

As nations prepare to gather at the CITES meeting in South Africa, several are working in support of a proposal to help address the root of the wildlife trafficking problem: consumer demand.

Devil rays, © Paolo Macorig/MarinePhotobank

The Devil Ray’s Advocate »

In just three years, the numbers of devil ray gill plates on the market have tripled. As devil ray numbers drop, nations are joining forces to protect the species from the demands of this trade.

Ocellate river stingray (captive), © Steven G. Johnson

The Other Kind of Stingray »

When we think of stingrays we often think of oceanic stingrays, shuffling our feet as we enter the water to avoid getting stung. But, did you know there is also an entire family of freshwater stingrays that are native to South American rivers?