Jamie Rappaport Clark

President and CEO
A former head of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Jamie’s lifelong commitment to wildlife and conservation led her to choose a career in wildlife biology. Jamie is recognized as a leading national expert on the Endangered Species Act and imperiled wildlife. Her leadership and expertise have helped defeat numerous efforts to destroy the Endangered Species Act.

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Preserving Polar Bears for Our Children »

My son Carson is eleven years old. And though at times he may think he’s a grown up, he still has many years ahead of him before he’s an adult. Like most parents, I want my child to have the same opportunities I had growing up — which is why it breaks my heart to think that by the time he’s my age, one of America’s most iconic creatures could be gone forever — the polar bear.

Six months later, a unique opportunity emerges for Gulf refuges »

It’s been six hard months for the Gulf region. And the tar balls that continue to wash up on the former white sandy beaches serve as a constant reminder that coastal communities are still struggling to regain economic footing, wildlife losses are climbing higher and higher and we still don’t know the ultimate extent to which oil and chemical dispersants will affect the fragile Gulf ecosystem. The long journey of restoration and recovery of this sensitive region has only just begun.

Speak Up! features Jamie Rappaport Clark, Defenders in the Gulf »

Speak Up! – a program on WomensRadio – invites women, and also men, who “speak” to women in terms of their values, their goals and their strong sense of community, to address issues, opportunities and successes that need to be heard by a larger audience of women leaders. This week, Speak Up! featured Defenders’ executive vice president Jamie Rappaport Clark, highlighting Defenders’ response to the oil disaster and her experiences on the ground in the Gulf.

Bear witness at Bird Island with Jamie Clark »

Join Jamie Rappaport Clark on her latest trip to the Gulf to bear witness to the devastating consequences the oil spill is having on wildlife such as the brown pelican. In this video, Jamie visits Bird Island off the coast of Louisiana, a “magnificent pelican rookery” critically important to nesting birds in the region. Hear Jamie describe the effects the spill is taking on these birds, and the efforts of response teams trying to protect them.

“Nest in Peace” – Leaving the Gulf »

It was final day in the Gulf for this trip, and after an early morning interview on camera with a local CBS affiliate we jumped back into the car (again) to head along the coast. We heard the reports that Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge had been hit with oil since the last time we were there. Knowing it’s sea turtle nesting season in that area, we decided to check in with the refuge staff and see what the impacts have been.