Kim Delfino

California Program Director
Kim oversees the work of Defenders’ California program, which works to ensure a lasting future for all wildlife of the Golden State. The program focuses particularly on protecting water resources, renewable energy issues, and protecting key species like the California condor, gray wolf, desert tortoise, San Joaquin kit fox and more.

Posts By: Kim Delfino

California condor, © Christian Mehlführer

Get the Lead Out of Ammunition to Protect Wildlife and Human Health »

When it comes to getting lead out of the environment, the science is on our side: 30 acclaimed scientists have signed a statement detailing why we need to get rid of lead hunting ammo, for the safety of people and wildlife.

Bald Eagle, © Ron Holmes/USFWS

It’s Time to Get the Lead Out »

After decades of watching lead hunting ammunition poison people, wildlife and the environment, we’re teaming up with several other groups to support a bill that could ban lead ammunition entirely in the state of California.

California condor, © Christian Mehlführer

Get the Lead Out for Wildlife »

Even though science shows that lead ammunition can have devastating consequences for humans and wildlife, it is still widely used for hunting across the U.S. With people, wildlife and the environment on the line, it’s time to start talking seriously about getting the lead out.

More Room for Wildlife in San Joaquin County »

The expansion debate of San Joaquin Wildlife Refuge is underway, with an opportunity to protect more than 325 fish and wildlife species on the line. Yet fears and misinformation threaten to halt this effort, placing both wildlife and wetlands in danger.

A New Plan for the Bay Delta »

The largest estuarine ecosystem on the west coast, the Bay Delta provides critical spawning grounds for fish, pathways for migratory birds, and water for much of the region. Now, as species in the region are declining, we’re looking at a new way to manage water in the Bay Delta before it’s too late.