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Can’t Live Without ‘Em: Houston Toad »

You’ll probably never hear a doctor say “lick two toads and call me in the morning,” but toads are known to produce chemicals that are important in medicine. Saving the endangered Houston toad might someday help save human lives.

TAKE REFUGE: Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge »

Named for an ancient Aztec emperor, the town of Montezuma in the heart of the Empire State is also the home of New York’s oldest wildlife refuge. Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge is located on the northern end of Lake Cayuga between Rochester and Syracuse, New York. Founded in 1938, it’s still of the best places to enjoy wildlife.

Can’t Live Without ‘Em: Butte County Meadowfoam »

Who doesn’t like to hear that something’s “all natural?” Today, people spend big bucks for organic produce and herbal remedies because they’ve come to value items produced without engineered chemicals or cleaners.

TAKE REFUGE: Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge »

Settlers noticed Apache Indians camping in the forests alongside the Rio Grande River and called the region “Bosque del Apache,” Spanish for “Woods of the Apache.” Today this place is one of the premier spots for birding and wildlife watching in the world.