Anne Russell Gregory

Conservation Law & Endangered Species Coordinator
Anne Russell works with the legal team to advance Defenders’ conservation goals through litigation and policy advocacy. She manages the litigation docket to update members and staff alike on the status and success of issues, ranging from owls to whales.

Posts By: Anne Russell Gregory

View of Big Creek in Eastern Tennessee in the summer, ©Warren Sander

Fighting for Freshwater Wildlife »

The 287-acre Black Creek Mine would sit on vital habitat for several threatened and endangered species, including mussels, fish, turtles and more. These little freshwater species may not be the cuddliest, but they serve an important role in aquatic ecosystems, and Defenders is going to court to protect them.

Beluga whale, ©NOAA

Court Takes a Stand for Marine Mammals »

In a recent court decision, a federal judge upheld the National Marine Fisheries Service’s decision to deny a permit to import 18 wild-caught beluga whales into the U.S. for display at the Georgia Aquarium, setting a meaningful precedent for marine mammal protection.

Grizzly Bear Yellowstone, ©Sandy Sisti

The Menace of Montanore Mine »

Nothing says western wilderness quite like intact landscapes with grizzly bears and healthy streams with native bull trout. But a proposed mining project in northwest Montana threatens the habitat and survival of these species protected under the Endangered Species Act.