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All hands on deck – readying Florida for oil »

Florida is on pins and needles waiting to see whether oil will enter the Loop Current and make its way down the east side of the Gulf, around the Keys and along the Atlantic Coast. Much of Tuesday morning was spent getting briefings on the status of the oil and on impacts to fish and wildlife. On one call, we heard from Jane Lubchenco, administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. She and her experts reported that a tendril of oil was headed down towards the Loop Current, which would take it to the Florida Straits. On a later call, representatives from the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) , NOAA Fisheries and National Park Service discussed existing and potential impacts to fish and wildlife.

News Roundup »

A daily news roundup of articles pertaining to the state of affairs and the impacts of wildlife in the Gulf.

News Roundup – Wildlife »

Scientists are concerned with the impacts the oil spill could have on Florida’s manatee populations and despite many theories none can say for certain what the impacts on these gentle creatures will be according to Digital Journal. Janelle Jordon of CF News 13 takes an in-depth look at how rescue centers are preparing to handle the  influx… Read more »

News Roundup – News »

John Rudolf from the New York Times tracks the spill as it creeps closer to the Loop Current – the unpredictable ocean current that flows from the Gulf of Mexico through the Florida Keys and into the Atlantic.  The article has some excellent thermal images showing the loop current in relation to the oil spill…. Read more »

MMS’s complicity in Gulf oil disaster challenged in court »

Today, Defenders was joined by the Southern Environmental Law Center in filing a  lawsuit challenging the Minerals Management Service’s (MMS) complicity in the Gulf oil disaster and continued lax oversight of oil drilling operations, including its failure to require a thorough examination of spill risks from exploratory drilling operations like the Deepwater Horizon. The legal filing seeks… Read more »