A Path Forward for Wolves

Envisioning a path forward for wolf recovery this Wolf Awareness Week. 

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30 Responses to “A Path Forward for Wolves”

  1. Linda Norton

    A hint to the wise SHOULD be sufficient. They need to read about Yellowstone and see that Nature KNOWS what she is doing. they have a right to be here just like we do. Coexistence. It works.

    • Tesla

      I don’t think even humans have the right to coexist on this earth. Now that they suck that is.

  2. Stephanie Chestler

    I have been a supporter of Defenders for many years and I will continue to support
    Defenders. But I have a worrisome question. I work with a man who lived in Idaho. He talks about hoe wolves have decimated the elk population there. It looks like the people there are killing many, many wolves. Please tell me what is going on there. I can’t believe that too many wolves were let go in Idaho to be out of proportion to the food supply.
    Thank you so much for all your good works.
    Sincerely,Stephanie Chestler

    • Brett Parker

      Stephanie, I just finished reading the book, American Wolf, which was recently published. This would help answer your question. It’s a very good read. Also available in audio.

    • rebecca

      We don’t even coexist with other humans..we are absolutely killing the earth with our domination…
      If only we could learn to coexist with other species and stop practicing #speciesism

    • Kay

      This is the excuse many people use against the wolves and to justify their killing of many, many wolves. This is simply not true. Wolves do not kill just to kill. They kill to eat.

    • Nicole

      People have had the run of both federal and private land for so many years that a healthy population of wolves is seen as a giant threat to the people who have not had to share this land with another top predator. Humans are just used to having it all their way and not learning to share.

  3. Becky Watson

    I received a beautiful card in the mail. It had the wolf picture on the front. I am going to support your cause (in my mothers memory) because my mother taught me to love wild life. Actually all 7 of her children do. Mom passed away this last February. A suggestion might be to not try to divide us right from the beginning by bringing up President Trump. I voted for him as many of my family and friends. (Not all of course) We as siblings are diverse in many of ideas but have common goals in others. Why not work to bring together all who support your cause instead of trying to divide us by politics right from the beginning of your message. I wish my mother could have see the beautiful picture. Mother’s ashes have been scattered in the mountains all over the west. Some ashes were put into Wolf tracks hopefully to be carried further into the wilderness by one of the animals she so loved . I will send some pictures with my first donation. I am going to share your website with my family at Thanksgiving. I wish you all the best in your endeavors to protect wild life , native plants, ect. Let’s work toward common goals where we can in hopes to accomplish those goals and to let others see that we are more alike than different. I think the organization could achieve more by going is this direction.
    Thank you for letting me share. Becky Watson

  4. Robin Soletzky

    We need to keep many, many animals on the Endangered Species List. These are God’s creatures and we need to speak for the voiceless.

  5. John Bell

    Too many hunters and so called ranchers grazing their cattle on federal land and not keeping them in their fences. Any cattle death is automatically blamed on the wolf. Even if their are none in the area. Bears and big cats kill more cattle then wolfs. Protect these animals.

  6. kathie rosvall

    Yes!! Yeah for the Yellowstone wolves! And Zion National Park!! What is wrong with “humans?”
    Instead of “Little Red Riding Hood, kids should be reading the other story about wolves–the founding of Rome, Italy–the two baby humans who were saved by wolves–Romulus and Remus!!
    Why don’t the cowpeople go to shelters to save homeless dogs to raise with their livestock and keep the wolves away–no poison, no killing from airplanes, no wretched traps!!!

  7. Kay Warren

    Wolves are a vital part of the sacred web of life. They need to be
    protected & supported. Not killed. ALL life is interconnected.
    If we deeply realize this truth then we will treat animals

  8. Jim Watson

    There is something missing on the Suitable Habitat map! The Red Wolf is in the most danger of all the wolves in the US. Where is suitable habitat for this species?

  9. Delia Teresa Garcia

    We have to research scientific facts and share them with our youth and young children. That is the only way to insure that wolves survive and every other species.

  10. Yolanda Rodriguez

    We have a problem here in Irving Texas. Seems they have been destroying the wooded areas where there are coyotes. They run the risk of being killed by cars or even planes! There have been some in the runways of the planes. I love wildlife and I think they should be protected. They were here first to began with.

  11. Mae Davis

    I live in Red Wolf Country. These are elusive animals that don’t want to be seen by humans. Leave them be and they hunt as they are supposed to do. Unfortunately, they are too often confused with our Coyote population and are shot. Coyotes are not as well liked around my area due to being seen killing peoples cats and small dogs. This is not done by the wolves however, and people should be educated on why they are so important in the food chain. They usually take the sick, the weak, the injured; just as they are supposed to do. I do hope that they will be able to flourish here; but only time will tell.

  12. Steph

    I remember a few years ago Cabelas sponsored a wolf hunt in Idaho. That’s when I stopped shopping there. I feel we need to coexist with the animals. But people just move in and their territories continue to shrink. We did it to the Indians now we are trying to do it to animals also. People need to wake up and stop being so greedy.

  13. Judy Merrick

    Stephanie – All anti-wolf people blame the wolf for hurting elk populations. That’s there go-to reason for hating wolves. In fact any degradation of elk populations is due to either hunting or disease. But it’s common practice to blame it all on the wolf instead of man taking the blame.

  14. Pat Wolf

    I will continue to support the Defenders – they have done a wonderful job in trying to save our wildlife and land. I love the wolf – they are needed to balance nature and they should never be targeted to be killed. The cattle ranchers complain and want them “dead” They were here long before the rancher, and for many many years the ranchers and wolf co-exsist. I question why now do the ranchers want the wolf destroyed?

  15. Kathleen Felkner

    It is important to learn to live together with other species, including wolves. Please help support that with the wolf population.

  16. Linda Tabb

    We need wolves to keep other species in check and help the ecosystem.

  17. Kathy Pollier Trickel

    I would like to know the wolf situation in Idaho also.

  18. Ray

    Reply to Tesla…agreed. Let’s give other species a chance to thrive. Best explained (this morning) by this quote but in the meantime, I’ll support Defenders and as many other similar orgs as possible.
    “I think human consciousness, is a tragic misstep in evolution. We became too self-aware, nature created an aspect of nature separate from itself, we are creatures that should not exist by natural law. We are things that labor under the illusion of having a self; an accretion of sensory, experience and feeling, programmed with total assurance that we are each somebody, when in fact everybody is nobody. Maybe the honorable thing for our species to do is deny our programming, stop reproducing, walk hand in hand into extinction, one last midnight – brothers and sisters opting out of a raw deal.”

  19. Linda Indelicato

    Wolves are part of our heritage. They are an important part of our eco-system. They need to be protected. It is our responsibility to protect and preserve our wildlife. I have supported and will continue to support Defenders of Wildlife and the wonderful work they do for all wildlife.

  20. Ian

    First, Defenders of Wildlife, keep up the good work. I think one of the key tools that the organization needs to continue to do to reduce rancher/wolf conflict is to reimburse ranchers for any livestock lost due to wolf predation. For most ranchers, the conflict is an economic conflict as they see their livelihood threatened by wolves. I think that if ranchers know that they would be reimbursed financially for any (proven, wolf-related) livestock loss, they would be more open to wolf reintroduction.

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