Wildlife Weekly Wrap-Up: 05/05/17

Your weekly roundup of wildlife news from across the country



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Wild stories from the Week:


Check out our new Wolverine Watchers album, which highlights some of the great photos of last year’s program: https://www.flickr.com/gp/defendersofwildlife/4f75o9


The new Executive Order could remove protections for wildlife while turning our waters over to the oil industry: http://dfnd.us/2qvpTud


Now that winter’s over, wildlife are migrating back to summer habitats: http://dfnd.us/2pF6IQw


This week marks the beginning of sea turtle nesting season in Florida: http://dfnd.us/2pFlpTv




Our Defenders in Action


In North Carolina:

On Tuesday, May 2nd, we celebrated the Grand Opening of our new Southeast Regional office in Asheville, North Carolina.  We had a ribbon cutting ceremony by the Chamber of Commerce, who we now have a membership with. The event celebrated our vital role in the community of Asheville and western North Carolina and highlighted the economic benefits of protecting wildlife for local businesses.



We have joined other conservation and Alaska Native groups this week and filed a lawsuit against President Trump, challenging his decision to jettison a permanent ban on new offshore oil and gas drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans.

3 Responses to “Wildlife Weekly Wrap-Up: 05/05/17”

  1. Marilynn Szydlowski

    The Arctic and the continental shelf are way too crucial to life forms and the fishing industry. Not to mention the wildlife that use these areas for survival.
    ‘Throw the book’ at the environmental offenders!

  2. Marilyn Keene

    I am very disturbed about all the wildlife that I see and hear. I now live in a neighborhood that once was fun. We were able to raise any wildlife we pleased. It has been gentrified so we can only raise cats and dogs now. I recently got a complaint from a city policeman and an ” animal caregivers department”. Both of them said to me that it interfered with TV watching. I still have my rescued dogs and cats though. I could not believe what they told me!! What is happening? I do not understand!!

  3. Patricia Nye

    Please stop making the oceans a cesspool! Pollution is killing and causes suffering! Pollution the size of continents in the oceans means we need to clean up not contaminate more! All oil wells are filthy no matter how careful they are!

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