Defenders of Wildlife is Celebrating its 70th Anniversary!

Today marks the 70th Anniversary of Defenders of Wildlife.

Defenders was originally founded in 1947, when it went by the name Defenders of Furbearers. The organization was formed in response to the use of steel-jaw leghold traps and lethal poisons being used on predators. It began with the simple mission to preserve wild animals and has since grown to include wildlife habitat and biodiversity.

In order to honor our journey thus far, we thought we’d take a brief look at where we’ve come from. Join us in taking a look at how some of our most iconic species are faring now and when we first began our work back in the 1940’s.

Click Here for a pdf of Wildlife Conservation Then and Now.

9 Responses to “Defenders of Wildlife is Celebrating its 70th Anniversary!”

  1. Lelia Vaughan

    Congratulations to all Defenders for jobs well done for the sake of wildlife!

  2. Benson Gisebe Orucho

    Congratulations for standing firm to make our diversity better. I am one of your strong hold emerging science team being from the continent of Africa and certainly am a Kenyan. I am a young guy, 21 years of age looking forward to be your volunteer and an active emerging comrade. Hoping that am gonna be considered without any racial discrimination. Thanks much.

    Yours faithfully,
    Benson Orucho.

  3. Burnham Gould

    You are doing a great job. However, I would like you to go further to protect animals such as by exposing the horrors of hunting, encouraging people not to eat animals, teaching school children to respect all species, etc.

  4. Dianne Ewing

    I also just celebrated my 70th birthday too. Good for both of us. I will be a part of Defenders as long as I am here. Keep up the good work.

  5. Jörg Gaiser

    Congratulations and thank you so much for your wonderful and important work! Best wishes fot the future!!!

    Jörg Gaiser

  6. Susan

    Thank you all for your diligence in continued protection of our wildlife and their environment. I appreciate all you do! We all appreciate all you do!!!

  7. Ellen Curley

    Thank you so much and please DON’T EVER STOP!!!!! I will donate whenever I can.


    Thank You For All That You Do!!! Please Don’t Ever Stop!!!!!

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