Carnivores in the Crosshairs

The Alaska National Wildlife Refuges Rule is under siege, and the consequences could be dire for bears and wolves in the state.

You may have heard about H.J. Res. 69, a dangerous bill that jeopardizes bears, wolves and other carnivores by tossing out the Alaska National Wildlife Refuges Rule. This legislation is set to hit the Senate floor any day now, and its enactment could have drastic implications for wildlife in Alaska and public lands management nationwide.

The Low-Down on H.J. Res 69

H.J. Res. 69 would overturn the Alaska National Wildlife Refuges Rule, which the Obama administration issued last year to conserve native carnivores, including bears, wolves and their young, on as many as 76 million acres of national wildlife refuges in Alaska. The timing of when this rule was finalized matters significantly, as its fate is now subject to the Congressional Review Act (CRA)—you can read more about that here.

Legislators and their special interest allies already jammed H.J. Res. 69 through the House of Representatives, despite strong bipartisan opposition that labeled it as “The Killing Baby Animals in Alaska Act.” The Senate is currently considering whether to bring this harmful bill up for a vote.

Threatening Wildlife in Their Home

Without the Alaska National Wildlife Refuges Rule in place, the state of Alaska could pursue its scientifically indefensible predator control program on these federal lands. This controversial program allows the killing of mother bears and their cubs, killing wolves and their pups in their dens, and trapping, baiting and using airplanes to scout and shoot bears. The state’s goal is to drive down carnivore numbers to artificially inflate populations of game species.

H.J. Res. 69 would also undermine traditional wildlife management principles and federal oversight of federal public lands which could have implications beyond Alaska.

Congress’ War on Wildlife and Public Lands

H.J. Res. 69 is just one of a slew of recent attacks by Congressional lawmakers against the very nature of our how our public lands—and the wildlife they support—are managed. Simply put, some legislators want to give away federal control of federal lands and resources to the states. Throwing out the Alaska National Wildlife Refuges Rule would undermine management of wildlife refuges in Alaska and encourage further efforts by Congress and special interest groups to sell off and sell out our public lands and resources across the country.

These continued attacks on our federal public lands threaten the sound conservation and ecological health of these wild places, and instead subjects them, and the iconic and imperiled species they support, to the whims of special interests and the limitations of individual states to address their complex oversight.

We Must Act NOW

Our nation’s public lands are the envy of the world, and every American has an ownership stake and right to enjoy them. They are our lands; they provide vital habitat for wildlife, conserve watersheds, offer innumerable recreational opportunities, and generate billions of dollars in annual sustainable economic activity. H.J. Res 69 is offensive to these public values.

Sign our petition now and tell your Senator that you oppose H.J. Res. 69. 

A vote in the Senate is imminent—don’t wait, act now!


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100 Responses to “Carnivores in the Crosshairs”

    • Silvana barragan

      Please. Lord I pray All this cruelty stops. These Animals have the same rights on earth as us. Humans only thing we were blessed to speak and they were not, but they feel like we do , hipócrita hunters hunters love to take their kids to all these Disney Animal movies but yet they turn around and Kill them in real life, cowards is what they Are, They are the Beauty of our Lands let’s help keep them forever and Let them live in peace 🙏🙏🙏🙏😩😩💦💦💦😕

    • J Polancic

      We live in an ecosystem & need every wild creature. Please look up what happened when Yellowstone reintroduced wolves & stop this insane cruelty!!!

    • Juanita Dochterman

      Please protect our wild animals so they will be here for generations to come.

    • Kare

      A refuge is literally a place of safety, but “they” don’t care…thankfully there are humans that actually want to help, not harm, love, not hate, other living beings.

    • PIobbi

      Please do the right thing!!! You know what that is!!! Ask God if we as humans have the right to think we are superior to animals or anything else or anyone else on this planet! I’m afraid that the president has a personal vendetta against anything Obama passed and wants to prove in his narcissist mind that he is superior, especially to someone that did the right thing and is of far superior knowledge to him. He is going after specifically everything Obama did or passed for our countries good. Do the right thing even if you have to stand alone to do it.

    • Linda Demarest

      This is sickening!! I am so disgusted with these politicians and their total disdain for wildlife (and ignorance of the chaos they’re promoting by upsetting the already fragile eco system) It breaks my heart for the loss (and pain and suffering) these magnificent animals and their babies will have to endure. Just because of a bunch of stupid, ignorant, uncaring and without an ounce of compassion, politicians. What a tragedy. 😥

    • J Polancic

      We live in an ecosystem & need every wild creature. Please look up what happened when Yellowstone reintroduced wolves & stop this insane cruelty!!!

  1. Julie linhares

    Our public lands are our National Birth Right & MUST be protected.

  2. Sue Chard

    Only monsters and terrible hunters would think of going after animals in their dens or ones with young.
    If you can not see the need for carnivores, you haven’t informed yourself on a balanced and healthy ecosystem.

  3. Marcia Schooley

    I adamantly Do Not support H.J. Res 69
    It is extremely cruel and favors game
    animals for profit and exploit. Isn’t it time
    we have a profound respect for other
    animals that have a right to live besides only for human profit ?

  4. Mark Blaschke

    Our public lands are our legacy. They cannot be sold for short-sighted gains by anyone or any industry.

    • J Polancic

      We live in an ecosystem & need every wild creature. Please look up what happened when Yellowstone reintroduced wolves & stop this insane cruelty!!!

  5. Nancy and Dan Speed

    Stop this action of absolute horror to ALL animals on this Earth !!! DO NOT ALLOW THE MAMMALS IN ALASKA TO DIE DUE TO YOUR LACK OF COMPASSION !!!

  6. Stephanie Kokko

    Please oppose H.J. Res 69. Please don’t let baby animals suffer and die a horrible death. Isn’t killing a mother and her babies just plain wrong! Please oppose H.J. Res 69. Thank you.

    • suzanne

      Can we please stop all this unnecessary killing. These and other animals deserve to live, what’s next human hunting because all the animals are all dead. The hunters cannt have their way all the time. Hell no, on this bill.

  7. Sheila sweely

    I oppose H. j. 69. There is no need for hunters to have this chance at killing.

  8. Gabi Touchstone

    Please stop this unnecessary killing of all our Aimals… everything does not need to be killed. .wolf’s …….Bears……..wild horses…….

  9. Kim Zoeller

    The needless killing of these beloved creatures is just wrong and completely disturbing. We should be helping these animals not getting a hunter’s rocks off by killing them. It’s brutal!

  10. Dr Rin Porter

    The name says it all: Alaska Wildlife REFUGE. Wildlife REFUGES were established to protect wildlife from being killed by hunters. White people have already taken over and ruined most of the continental United States, exterminating the buffalo, wolves, Mountain lions, beaver, elk, and moose by the 1950s. Only the strong efforts of conservationists and the EPA, Sierra Club, Defenders of Wildlife, and other groups have brought these species slowly back from extinction along with the Eagles, condors, and other raptors that American pesticides and herbicides killed. Now the bees are disappearing. White people must STOP their endless killing of the Creation. Shooting beers and wolves for no reason is against all reason. Biologists have proven that predators like wolves and bee ears are necessary for elk and deer and moose to survive in a balanced ecosystem. Please: leave the key predator species alone!

  11. Beth Boucher

    I oppose H J Res 69. There is no reason for this plan other than human greed. I am shocked that such animal cruelty is even being considered on our public lands. Shameful and appalling!

  12. Susan LoFurno

    I OPPOSE HJ69. This is just plain wrong on so many levels. Really sick of “man” and his killing. Disgusting.

  13. Abigail Roberts

    These animals our vital parts of the local ecosystem. Not only that but are part of our national heritage and should be protected as part of the natural beauty of this land.

  14. Carolyn Venditti

    I am so ashamed of what we have become. Who would approve of this? What kind of people conceive of such horrific ideas?

  15. Becky Sorensen

    This is absolutely absurd, disgusting, unacceptable and cannot be allowed!

  16. Diane

    Please end the brutal killing of the beautiful wildlife that is here for everyone to enjoy and respect. Play a damn video game if you need to kill something.

  17. Ildiko Hutchinson

    Where is you compassion? Where is your respect for life? What kind of world do you want to leave behind ? This is just sick !!!
    I oppose HJ RES 69

  18. Kim Heenan

    This is shameful from people who supposedly respect life. All life on earth should be respected, including bears and wolves.

  19. Emily Schweer

    I oppose H.J. Res. 69. Please do not reinstate this barbaric practice. Please protect these defenseless animals.

  20. Tracey Griffin

    100% Against H.J. 69! Total exploitation of prey animals for profit at the expense of the natural predators. It’s my understanding that most Alaskans oppose H.J. 69 as well. Many remote and uniformed voters in that state.

  21. Laura Schliesser

    There is no reason for this. Please do not do this!

  22. Sarah

    This is disgusting and immoral. Leave these beautiful persecuted animals alone, or there will be consequences to these evil actions!!!!!!!!

  23. Susan Harlan

    PLEASE Stop H.J. 69. It is wrong in every way imaginable.

  24. Teresa Jarvie

    I oppose H.J. Res. 69. Mankind is supposed to be the stewards of this earth. Do you not have a conscience?

  25. LauraLea Anderson

    The killing needs to stop. BEFORE these beautiful animals are hunted to extinction.

  26. Sandra Korschgen

    I vehemently oppose HJ Res. 69. Native species are far more important to our country and environment than game animals whose only purpose is to die for some winter’s trophy wall. Another sad factor in making this change is that it is obviously favoring only those who are in high income brackets – just like most everything this administration is doing. Very sad…

  27. joim kowalsky

    We in Alaska watch this horror unfold in the Congress. If HR69 or SJR18 now in the US Senate passes, our wildlife refuges will be subjected to the same horrors that exists elsewhere on lands owned by the State of Alaska…619 wolves shot from aircraft 2005- 2012 just in Eastern Alaska, by unnamed (shooters’ names a guarded secret) Alaska Dept.of Fish & Game biologists shooting from helicopters. This, a sample of the holocaust for keystone predators perpetrated by state employees and commissioned private shooters from their fixed wing aircraft. All please pay attention. Some of us are fighting back need much help.

  28. Lisa Schmitt

    Please! Each species is a critical part of our ecosystem, God intended that we care for them, not destroy them to be addressed mounted as a trophy!!

  29. Karen Keleher

    Stop. You are reckless and you will realize your mistake too late.

  30. Ursula Pakzad

    There is nothing worse than humans without humanity !

  31. Rose

    Why must you always want to kill one of our most beautiful wonders of our Country…just stop it, enough is enough…learn to share this wonderful land of ours for us now, and future generations to come…we’re only one country, but we have the most beautiful diverse nature in the world…don’t kill it, enhance it! STOP THIS HORRIFIC ACT NOW!!! You do not own this world and WE ALL ARE TELLING YOU NO!!!! We’re all sick of animals being killed for sport, profit and greed!!!

  32. suzanne Kirn

    Stop Killig our wild life ,they are here for our children ,and for the circle of life. Man IS THE PREDATOR!

  33. Dayle

    This is the time to save wildlife not destroy it, think of your children and grandchildren!

  34. Berit Mackeed

    Have some respect for Nature. Ignorant humans have destroyed enough!

  35. collett mcfarland

    Our new and duplicitous white house are very cleverly wagging the dog so we don’t know all the ugly things they are doing in the dark back room! Don’t let them get away with it! Donate, share but most of al be informed and fight them!!!!!! It has to stop or we’re all ruined.

  36. Aaron Kohl

    This is SO ins essary! Any reason to harm animals… When can we open a human hunting season? This world will never be safe if humans continue to overpopulate and blame the animal kingdom! Smdh

  37. J Polancic

    We live in an ecosystem & need every wild creature. Please look up what happened when Yellowstone reintroduced wolves & stop this insane cruelty!!!

  38. Marilyn C. Hinson

    STOP this cruelty…Oppose H.J.69 !!! What are you thinking…allowing these magnificent animals to be slaughtered while they are SLEEPING in their dens with their newborn cubs. What has happened to people…this practice is barbaric & TOTALLY IGNORES THE NATURAL LAWS OF NATURE. I am ashamed as a member of the human race to think that there are those among us that would find this cruelty “sporting”!!! SHAME ON YOU !!!

  39. Taryn Peltz

    I oppose HJ Res 69. This is senseless and barbaric. I am disgusted that our representatives would even think of passing this horrible bill. Stop killing defenseless animals!!

  40. Chris Glover

    I am against H.J. 69! Our wildlife are part of this countries assets. Stop killing our ecosystems.

  41. Gina Capuano

    Please protect these defensive animals. I oppose the unnecessary killing of these animals. Protect our American environment!

  42. Jacqueline Best

    Please be smart. These carnivores are here for a reason, much like you. They have a job to do and that is to keep the balance in the eco-system not for a human hunter to track down and kill for no other reason than sport. It is our jobs as humans to protect this earth for future generations to enjoy.

  43. Edna J Springer

    The killing has got to stop. HJ 69 is immoral and cruel.

  44. Paula

    Please vote no for this bill. Animals deserve our protection.

  45. Clemente P,

    I oppose H.J. Res. 69. Protect our wildlife, do not impact our ecosystem. Let’s help bring equilibrium to our woodlands and vast fields, not further destruction.

  46. Linda nichols

    We must stop the killings this is not what a real human does this is what a sick monster does please God help us to stop them

  47. Carmen

    Human is the worse animal in the planet ! We have to help the wild live they do nothing to human , they get kill in his habitad 🙁

  48. Michael R Bruncati

    I strongly oppose HJ 69. You will destroy the delicate balance of this habitat for “fun and profit.”
    Don’t steal this from future generations.
    It cannot be replaced.

  49. Melissa

    This is barbaric and unfair to the animal living in their natural habitat and in their natural form of life. I deeply opposed this proposition and have already sent in my request to my Senator to oppose this law. How would you like it if you were sleeping and someone felt like they had a right to come in your home and kill you while you were in your own bed sleeping and thinking you were safe?

  50. Judith A Schenk

    The world would be a horrible place without these animals. The ecosystem is fragile and you are proposing to make it more fragile. Think of the implications of your actions!!!!

  51. Peggy Weber

    That’s an animal refuge, not a killing field. Leave those animals alone.

  52. Denise Carroll

    The word is REFUGE. The definition according to Merriam-Webster is as follows: 1) shelter or protection from danger or distress. 2) a place that provides shelter or protection.
    Used in a sentence: “Hunting is strictly forbidden in a wildlife refuge.” This resolution is intended to “take” wildlife from their home, their shelter, their refuge. Please do not allow these egregious acts of cruelty. They do not have a voice, but we, as their protectors do. Speak out, stand up & do the right thing. Vote NO on RJ Res 69/SJ Res 18. It is our responsibility to save our public lands & the wildlife who Lin habit these lands for future generations.

  53. April Best

    Please dont do this! If you believe God creates all living things then this is an assult on his creations!

  54. John Brown

    Senseless and barbaric with no scientific or conservation validity.

  55. Andrea

    Please stop these poachers to stop killing the wild animals especially the bears 🐻! Especially now with this Presidency going on with environment protection. I hope we can get the protection again for the animals . It breaks my heart ❤️ Andrea Sedillo

  56. Traci

    End the killing of OUR Wildlife!!! Where has Compassion gone?
    Help PROTECT OUR Wildlife Instead.

  57. Debra Jamieson

    Please stop this from becoming law. These refuges are Ours as a country not just the fews who would benefit financially. Do not allow passage.

  58. Kay Starr

    I oppose 69….all animals serve the purpose of the Balance of Nature…without this Balance even Rabbits can over populate….This happened in the 40’s….But no mass extinction….the damage to most animals habitat has caused their numbers to drop more than enough.

  59. Sam Roberts

    For a change, try this: Use some sense, and just stop this shortsighted, and exploitive plan. You know, in your hearts, it’s no more than an effort to win a long term “pissing contest” that, given recent energy gains, isn’t even viable now. Do. The. Right. Thing. (At least this once!)

  60. Christian Fox

    This bill lacks humanity for God’s creatures and true sport for hunters if we actually have “to go there.”

    These animals should not be hunted during their most vunerable state, and anyone willing to do so is very sick indeed.

  61. Chresten Wilson

    Killing the predators screws up the whole ecosystem. They tried it in the Everglades. Didn’t work out so well. They tried it in Yellowstone. Didn’t work out there either. Leave Mother Nature alone!

  62. Melissa

    There is no reason to hunt and kill these innocent animals. Especially during a period where they are at their most vulnerable. It’s inhumane and cruel!
    There are supermarkets and stores for people to buy food and clothing. They do not need to hunt animals to survive and killing for sport is cruel! This bill can’t be passed!!

  63. Joann MILLER

    I am very upset about the hh69 bill that was passed by congress is there anything that can be done about this .how do we stop this before the bears and wolves go extinct in Alaska .is there anr that can be done now .

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