Wildlife Weekly Wrap-Up: 02/10/2017

Your weekly roundup of wildlife news from across the country.

A look at the ESA:
Critics and supporters clash when it comes to this landmark U.S. law, but Defenders CEO and President Jamie Rapport Clark points out that the federal government only steps in as a last resort.

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Five endangered species recoveries you’ve probably never heard of:
There have been a number of officially recovered species by the Endangered Species Act, but there are some that might not have gotten the same attention like the bald eagle or peregrine falcon. These include a reptile, a mammal, a plant, a fish, and a bird.

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The oceanic whitetip shark needs our help:
Defenders are calling on the government to list the oceanic whitetip shark as new published findings point to this shark becoming endangered within the foreseeable future.

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A recovered fish species now face a grim future:
A dam building plan that was blocked in court by a lawsuit led by Defenders has now resurfaced after officials pressure a federal judge to lift his order.

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Arctic warming could mean bad news for some species:
A handful of species could be at risk and there are concerns about the habitat’s vulnerability as the seasonal sea ice continues to diminish more quickly due to Arctic warming.

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The pummeling of the EPA continues:
The agency is having a rough go of it in the current political climate, with a prominent climate denier picked to lead the administration transition team, a foe of the agency’s mission poised to become its next administrator, and a series of restrictions levied on its science and communication capabilities.

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