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Together, We Will Stand Strong for Wildlife

The election is over. We know the outcome. And now, more than ever we have to pull together to protect the wildlife we all love.

At Defenders of Wildlife, we will continue to do what we do best. We will double down and honor our mission of conserving wildlife and wild places. Your support – and your engagement – is now more important than ever. It is essential that we work together to be the voice for the animals that cannot speak for themselves. Today, we renew our passion and intensity to speak out for nature.

Wildlife is depending on us – and we will not let them down. Our children and grandchildren are depending on us to ensure a healthy planet for their future – and we will not let them down.

This election day did bring some good news for wildlife. In California, voters decided to uphold the state’s ban on plastic bags, and continue to protect the incredible diversity of wildlife in California from this threat. Oregon also saw reason to celebrate, with voters passing Measure 100, effectively banning the sale of parts and products from 12 imperiled wildlife species.

Now is not the time to lose hope. 90% of American voters support the Endangered Species Act. 74% say that the federal government should be doing a substantial amount to combat climate change. And 72% say that national public lands, like forests and monuments, help their state economies. Now is not the time to forget these staggering numbers. Now is the time to stand up and renew our commitment to wildlife and wild places.

We can do this. And we will do this together.

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6 Responses to “Together, We Will Stand Strong for Wildlife”

  1. Brady

    I just signed up as a result I am looking forward to helping animals and their current location and habitat for the restoration of wildlife

  2. Christine Payack

    Tell me it is not so that Sarah Palin may head of the Department of the Interior? I just signed up to give an automatic contribution each month! I encourage everyone who cares about this planet, all living things, scientific truth and the future of our children’s world to do the same!

  3. Debbie

    Thank you for at least a little bit of “good news” in an otherwise bleak week. I’m not wealthy, but I will do everything I can to defend our beautiful wilderness areas and the animals that absolutely depend on them. I live for the day that our leaders will truly reflect majority values on wild places and climate change.

  4. Mak

    As was pointed out, the President-elect originally mentioned that he did not agree with policies turning land over to states or privatization.
    Merely because he does not express himself in equivocal ways does not mean that we are to interpret ourselves soundd-bites/tweets.
    Yes there are conservatino concerns involved with appointed administrators, but one must understand that Trump, like any businessperson, “floats” ideas to see how they are received.
    I spent several days following the election in exploring where conservation issues paralleled administration assertions.
    Some policies, like anti-free trade help to protect environmental law in place – numerous freed trade agreements have or intend to weaken local, state or national environmental law.
    The most profound generator of habitat loss, excessive energy and other resources mining is overpopulation, a subject that almost no conservation organization will touch.
    We KNOW that government at all levels promotes not merely maintenance of what is called economic growth, but measures community health by percentage of INCREASED growth. This fallacious idea has led to massive environmental devastation, through pressures to add to existing population resource extraction, and other exploitation. The mere fact that Trump was rather outspoken has caused some eternal-growth advocates to oppose policies that may in fact slow the growth problem.
    To social justice advocates, we find that illegal immigration actually does NOT differ from Obama policies. Merely because similar opinions to Trumps were held far more covertly by republicans, is not equivalent to his being worse. Remember, multinational corporations seek maximization of short-term (at least in our eyes) profit.
    Temporal discounting is another major fallacy in which humans persist. Corporations are even more focused on such future discount where actions preserving resources are less profitable than immediate liquidations for disbursal to investors seeking maximum returns.
    Thus economic “downturns” themselves would tend to preserve habitat and discourage exploitation.
    It is government at any level which subsidizes increased exploitation, and the present/previous administration has quietly pursued policies that increase exploitation, such as Dept of Ag attempts to encourage SE forest logging for pellet export to Europe, and increased Asian marketing of US cattle/beef. This is overt policie to anyone who receives emails on policy from Obama administration depts and agencies.
    Interior sought to increase nontraditional fossil fuel sources (read fracking, as oil is fracked as well as CH4) for export. The draconian crackdown on those who sought to reduce federal leasing to extractino industry also remains evidence of less-than -overt policies.
    Interior and Ag continually seek the economic (read exploitative and population) growth of rural communities. Few of you have traveled the US west with an eye on winter wildlife habitat, as I have. Almost all is usurped by public and private land livestock interests with all too much taken in places like Montana and Wyoming by wealthy secondary homes and hobby ranching (itself a significant habitat problem).
    In short you must not presume that the mext administration is automatically worse than the present.
    Many Montana and Wyoming wildlife advocates watched aghast as Democratic strategy chose to cast away the lives and ecological value of wolves through a Democrat cattleman/senator adding of a wolf delisting rider to must-pass appropriations bill, to retain his seat. This was traceable to Obama and National Committee, and caused a number of advocates to abandon the party they had previously supposed to support endangered species and habitat preservation.
    In fact Colorado cattleman originally appointed by Obama in 2009 to head Interior was quite anti wildlife/wildplaces.
    I remain optimistic about both Oregon Senators , who tend to be supportive of these policy positions. Elevate them should they seek future adminstrative office.
    This comment cannot encompass the issue sufficiently, so just ASAP seek to influence the Trump org by discovering and promulgate amicable parallel agendas. To violently oppose is to lose what leverage exists.

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