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Wolf Weekly Wrap-Up

Montana Proposes Excessive New Wolf Quota for Landowners: Senate Bill 200, signed by Governor Bullock in April 2013, allows Montana landowners and/or their agents to kill wolves that are deemed a “potential” threat to livestock, pets or people.

Wolves, © Montana FWP

In response to this new law Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) recently proposed an excessive quota of up to 100 wolves to be killed annually by landowners under this new law. Since 2005, on average only 8 wolves have been killed annually by landowners who claimed that a wolf on their property posed a potential threat. This proposal for an annual 100 wolf quota under the new law would allow landowners to shoot first and ask questions later, and weakens already limited protections given to gray wolves in Montana. With states like Idaho running rampant with their mismanagement of wolves, Montana should demonstrate leadership in sound, science-based oversight of gray wolf recovery, and not succumb to such anti-wolf politics. If you live in Montana, you can help us by submitting comments to FWP. Tell FWP that their proposal to allow up to 100 wolves be killed annually for posing a “perceived threat” is too high and sets a dangerous precedent for wolf management in the state.

Wood River team, © Defenders of Wildlife

Last year’s Wood River field crew.

Notes From This Week’s Successful Tours of Idaho’s Wood River Wolf Project: This week, our field crews in Idaho were joined by international scientists, state officials, and local ranchers who wanted to learn about the non-lethal predator management tools and techniques Defenders and our conservation partners are pioneering at the Wood River Wolf Project. Despite having one of the highest concentrations of wolves and livestock in the same landscape, the project area has the lowest loss rate of livestock and wolves in the state. Without using any lethal control of wolves, the project has protected thousands of sheep annually grazing in Blaine County, Idaho, losing less than 25 sheep over 6 years. Through this week’s workshops and trainings we were able to share our sustainable and affordable non-lethal solutions–turbo fladry, range riding, strobe lights, guard dogs and more– with many of the influential decision-makers about wolf management in Idaho. Check out this great video clip from Boise’s KBTV Channel 7 who attended this event to get the inside scoop on our programs.

Red wolf and pups, © Greg Kosh/USFWS

Red wolves were the first species to ever return from extinction in the wild.

Stand Up For Endangered Red Wolves! With roughly 100 red wolves left in the wild, this species is one of our most endangered. A successful reintroduction and breeding program in the 1980s enabled this species to begin recovery in North Carolina. But today, one of the leading causes of red wolf deaths is gun-shot mortality, including deaths from hunters who mistake the small wolves for coyotes. Recently, Defenders and our conservation partners were able to get a temporary reprieve for red wolves by taking legal action to halt coyote hunting in the designated Red Wolf Recovery Area. However, putting an end to hunting in their recovery area is only one of the factors necessary to ensure red wolves survival. Red wolf recovery efforts must not only be maintained, but also expanded if the species is to survive in the wild. To do this, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (the Service) needs to continue to stand behind and fully fund the Red Wolf Recovery Program. Already the Service is under increased pressure from anti-wolf groups to walk away from recovery efforts. You can help! Tell the Service to stand up for red wolves and continue its recovery efforts for this critically endangered wolf!

Idaho Statesman AdWith Your Help, We Are Putting Pressure On Governor Otter In Idaho: Last week we asked you to help us run a series of blockbuster ads in the Idaho Statesman as part of our of our all-out campaign to alert the people of Idaho to the slaughter of wolves being carried out in their state. Thanks to your help, this week we ran several online and print ads in the newspaper. We thought you’d like to see what you helped us achieve! We are still not done turning up the heat on Governor Otter; there is still time for you to  donate to help us continue to run this ad and others in our all-out media campaign in Idaho!

13 Responses to “Wolf Weekly Wrap-Up”

  1. Maggie Keefe

    The biggest enemy we face in this fight to maintain our wolf populations is ignorance and greed. I have personally had conversations with hunters in Idaho, and they kill them simply because they hate them. They do not understand the importance the wolf is to our eco-system. The animals that are their natural prey eat vegetation that damages the natural erosion of creek beds and river banks. This in turn buts our Beavers and otters in danger of loosing habitat to build the natural dams that are an important factor in preserving our natural waterways. For every species you endanger you endanger ten more. The hunters in states like Idaho and Montana do not want to have to share the animals they hunt with their natural predators. In Montana the ranchers use the excuse of loss of livestock and peril to pets and humans. This is a weak and inaccurate argument. There are many ways aside from killing these predators, which is what they were put here to do, to manage them. The above information provided by the article above explains these alternative methods. For some the killing of a wolf brings with it a caveman like status. These people need to be educated as to the importance of preserving the wolf population. So Governor Otter stop and listen and get that Good ole boy mentality out of your head and act like the intelligent you should be. A leader of the people of Idaho and help educate your state as to the benefits of protecting these animals. There is nothing to be gained by wiping them out there is much to be gained to see that they are protected now and forever in this country. Theodore Roosevelt preserved our wild lands and created federal protection for areas that are our national parks. Though a game hunter himself I believe if he knew now what he what we know today he wouldn’t be so quick to pick up that rifle just for the sake of mounting a head on his wall. The land is protected so should be the animals that live it. Idaho and Montana are some of the most beautiful states in this wonderfully beautiful country of ours. One of the things that makes them so are the wild animals these lands support. Please stop the senseless slaughter of our wolves. Learn to understand them, to love them as I do. And to realize their importance to the continued survival our precious and our delicately balanced eco-system.

  2. Alexander Yeung

    Red wolves need our help. Let keep the big pressure on government otter for this idiotic and reckless decision.

  3. Chloe

    I am really amazed by the work the Defenders of Wildlife are doing to protect these beautiful creatures. The pictures in the video where hard to watch and confronting and made me very upset, but in an awaring way. If you can, please send updates of your campaigns progress to my email- [deleted] It would be much appreciated. 🙂

    • Defenders of Wildlife

      Hi Chloe,
      Thanks for the support! For your own security, it’s best not to post your email online. But if you would like to receive updates, you can sign up for them here: http://dfnd.us/1hkUJYP

  4. Judy Frazier

    Please keep the wolves listed on the endangered species list and orotect them from extinction at the hands if hunters. I dont believe the wolves and are responsible for as many livestock related deaths as are being claimed. This is just an excuse being used to judtify the wolf haters killing the animals they despise

  5. Antoinette Martell

    Please save the wolves. Why are you so intent on destroying all the animals. There are always alternatives.

    • Natasha

      We are in another bonus point batlte with the state house again. We are on top of things but need all of you to call in and oppose HB145. BP systems don’t work and will not make things better for anyone and especially not our children. Our hunting heritage is at stake here so make sure you call and email all of your representatives and let them know we do not want this!! If you have any questions feel free to contact me!Tad

  6. Barbara Bussell

    Thank you for helping Wolves and other Wildlife. Keep up the good work. May God help you and others to do what you can to stop the killing of Wolves in all the United States of America.

  7. Freda Jimenez

    This breaks my heart to know this it is a disgrace

  8. Scot White

    If you make the choice to live in an environment with wolves you should already know about their place in the ecosystem.

  9. Tim Cammers

    I just wrote my congress people and let all hell break lose on them. I am here with you and here for my wolf brothers and sisters! This time it’s worse for me because I am not beating around the bush. I put my foot down and told them right out enough of the bullshit! You have my support and so the my wolf brothers and sisters. It’s time to end this war and show that the American people are putting there foot down too. One question do you guy’s have this media message on youtube at all. I want to post it on my facebook page and website? I want to help with advertising to get the word out. Thanks again. 🙂

  10. Alexander Yeung

    May god pity for government otter and wolf haters of their soul. They probably not listen to class of importance of species in the environment during their younger year. We must warn other states of what they are doing to wolves. Let us rise wolf brothers and sisters for the wolves and all the iconic species everywhere.

  11. Humphrey M. Dimitrov

    Wolves are to be protected.

    They have given us so much. Wolves gave us dogs and we need to respect that. They gave us thousands of years of happiness with our dogs. Dogs are descendants of the wolf and are loving, kind, and friendly. We owe them so much and I believe that they should be granted the utmost respect.

    They can offer you love and a wonderful family if you just gave them the chance and take the proper steps. They have so much more to offer. Save our wolves.

    For those who are still wondering why to help our Buddies.

    Wolves at least offer you something and some interest. They are beautiful creatures just as important as any other.

    Even more so.
    They keep our forests from being eaten up. Deer, Elk, and Moose and other plant eaters all eat up that beauty. Wolves keep the perfect balance in the animal kingdom.

    Wolves are in the top 5 of the most beautiful creatures out there.

    They can be friendly. There have been incidences where people have run into a wolf pack and instead of being attacked, they were greeted with nuzzling, licking and playfulness. 🙂

    Here are links to prove it:






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