Mexican gray wolf pup, © USFWS

Wolf Weekly Wrap-Up

We Just Learned… Idaho Wolf Slaughter Set for Dec. 28
We have just learned that a “hunters’ rights organization” has scheduled a wolf-killing competition for the week after Christmas.  What’s the kicker? Dec. 28th is 40th annaversary of the Endagered Species Act…. Prizes will be awarded for such hunting objectives as killing the largest wolf and the most female coyotes. Already, 154 wolves have been killed in Idaho since hunting season began on August 30. This barbaric competitive slaughter promises to raise that number even higher. Organizers of this so-called wolf derby admit that one purpose of the event is to show the world that no one can stop them from killing wolves – not you, not me, and especially not the federal government. It’s a horrific demonstration of what happens when wolves are prematurely stripped of Endangered Species Act protection. Those these killing contest organizers are outright wrong – America’s wolves belong to all of us.  Click here to help us fight for wolves!

© Didier J. Lindsey

© Didier J. Lindsey

OR-7 Takes a Day Trip to California!
We have some good news this week too — OR-7, the famous wolf who ventured into California two years ago returned to California for a short visit this week! During his previous escapade, OR-7 stayed in the Golden State for about a year, prompting discussions by scientists and residents about the future of wolves in California, since there is extensive wolf habitat in Northern California and the Sierra Nevada. Over the weekend, OR-7’s GPS tracking collar placed him in northern Siskiyou County on Saturday, but he quickly returned to Oregon’s southern Cascades where he has been residing most recently. Wolf experts say his crossings suggest a normal pattern of following migrating deer and elk. This spring OR-7 will be four years old. California is glad to see you, OR-7 – even if you are just passing through!

Update on Representatives Grijalva and Fitzpatrick’s Letter Endorsing Continued Protection of Gray Wolves
Last week we told you about a letter that members of Congress plan to send to the Department of the Interior’s Secretary Jewell, urging her to abandon plans to delist the gray wolf. The pro-wolf letter had the support of 86 members of Congress, surpassing a letter circulated in November supporting delisting.  This is a powerful statement to USFWS that demonstrates the weight of support demands continued federal protection. Check here to see if your congressional representative signed the letter – and be sure to thank them!

Gray Wolf, © Joan Poor

Gray Wolf, © Joan Poor

Your Last Chance to Comment on USFWS Gray Wolf Delisting Proposal
Last week we shared the great news of the huge volume of comments submitted to USFWS on the wolf delisting proposal– over 700,000!! A significant accomplishment, indeed — and the numbers are still rising! This week the total rose to approximately 750,000! (Many groups have been collecting comments and will submit to USFWS on the 17th). This is the largest number of comments ever received on a federal proposal involving an endangered species. The comment period officially closes on December 17th. So, if you have not submitted your comments yet, go here to comment against delisting the gray wolf nationwide, and here to advocate for full, science-based recovery planning for Mexican gray wolves. Keep in mind that USFWS does NOT count boilerplate statements as individual comments; that’s why we do not provide an easy “click” to submit comment forum on our website. By taking just a few moments to write your own perspective, your comment will be counted as unique. Make sure your voice is heard!

Washington Citizens Rally Together to Protect Wolves and Keep Washington Wild!
Do you live near Seattle? Join Defenders and other NGOs for a public rally in Seattle on December 15 to tell USFWS why it’s crucial to maintain federal protection of the gray wolf in the Pacific Northwest. Even though wolf recovery remains especially fragile in Washington, USFWS did not host a public hearing in the Pacific Northwest, and Washingtonians have not been invited to publicly discuss the negative impacts this proposal would have on wolf recovery in Washington!  Anyone is invited to provide testimony – in fact, we’re collecting copies of all testimony and submitting directly to USFWS. We’ll also have several speakers, storytellers, academics and biologists to talk about the current wolf situation in Washington. Visit our RSVP form to register.

Rally sign, © Defenders of Wildlife

One of the many signs that supporters brought to the rally.

Here are the event details:

WHEN:          Sunday, December 15

2:00pm – 3:00pm: Indoor Rally

3:00 pm – 5:00pm: Citizens’ Testimony


WHERE:    Seattle Central Library – Microsoft Auditorium

1000 Fourth Avenue

Seattle, WA 98104



24 Responses to “Wolf Weekly Wrap-Up”

  1. Shari W.

    Idaho wolf hunt is –Discusting!!!
    But it is not the only state.
    Michigan has already killed 10 or more wolves.
    Not to mention Wisconson, Montana and others.
    Please STOP the hunts!!
    What is the plan in Idaho to stop them??

  2. Nancy K Diss

    Please stop the wolf killing we need the wolves in the ecosystem to keep the rnvirnoment in balance for the environment

  3. Robert

    And now because of the low kill in MI “officials” are considering trapping! What nexty ?

    • Meme

      I am offically asknig you not to add that to bill to delist wolves from wyoming or another state This is so wrong and we do not need them wiped out like before it has taken years to get what we have and build back up They are a very important part of life and are needed to keep the balance in nature and do not need to be sensely killed.They live in packs or families and have just as much feelings as any dog that is a pet I know first hand because i work in rescue and these are wonderful animals and deserve to live They only eat the sick and old and stay away from humans because they have to get there own food no one feeds them This needs to be stopped and they will always need protection I have rights too and it is my right to see them protected and theirs too Sandra whitfield

  4. Elaine B

    I for one will NEVER step foot in another NAPA auto parts store after learning they are sponsoring the Idaho wolf derby; and hopefully if enough people do the same, they will re-think ever doing this again.

    • Nasywa

      Please Stop the destruction and seglahtur of ALL wonderful ANimals WIld and Free that HElp to Balance OUR land and EArth THey are a part of the West and Environment without them there Can Be no balance FOr the land or Game Populations PLEase IN the Name OF Compassion stop this madness Redo the plans and rework the thoughts for a better WOrld rather than destroying a NAtural Gift Our so PRecious wolfs DO YOU eat MEat?

  5. Brad Cousins

    l am appalled at this development. Why do people want to kill these magnificent animals? This is barbarous. l would very much like to see some of these wolves in the wild, roaming free. they are animals of mystery to me, although l would like to photograph them. l fear that a few more years of this and there won’t be any wolves left to photograph.

  6. Rev. Kimberly-Ann

    Women, Mothers, Sisters, Aunties, & Grandmothers…. It is up to you to stop this by facing off the men/murderers in your family!

  7. Karen Chantry

    It is so horrible to be killing wolves. They do no harm to people and are more caring of their families than most humans. Sicko’s hunt wolves. I think someone should hunt them down.

    • Jesus

      Protect the wolves in the lover 48 staets. Wolves are not a threat to humans. Nowhere in history is there a recorded case of a healthy wolf attacking a human. They are also the needed in culling the weak and sick animals from other species. Wolves are the most efficient predators in the wild. Give them the chance to really make a comeback. Thank you for your time in reading this, Mike Alphin.

  8. kim

    Idaho wolf hunt is –Discusting!!!
    But it is not the only state.
    Michigan has already killed 10 or more wolves.
    Not to mention Wisconson, Montana and others.
    Please STOP the hunts!!
    What is the plan in Idaho to stop them??

  9. Luz m.

    I’m so sorry there is so much stupidity in this world. No regard or respect for nature how sad. Many humans don’t realized that animals were here before them. They have a poor mind and no heart one feelings.

  10. Carol Dietz


  11. sharon

    This is a show of childish actions to hold such a hunt. It shows the world that this is what they think of life. They will control the gov. and they will do what they want and nobody will stop them. Makes you wonder even more about this gov. that is running our country. This is the kind of thing that shows the world who is a Man and who is the boy. The man stands for the world and the boy want to destroy it. Maybe it is time for the real men to step forward:

  12. Lynn Tremaine

    It has been proven that when the wolf numbers diminish the caribou and others tend to take over destroying trees and natural fauna.
    Leave nature alone ! Before we interfered everything ran just as it should.
    We are the ones that have so totally trashed the earth and everything on our planet earth.

  13. Beata S.

    Już nie zabijajcie WILKÓW!!! to nie ludzkie, trzeba poprawić program ochrony wilka, a nie zabijać go- mi serce pęka, jak czytam o kolejnych zmordowanych wilkach. proszę STOP! STOP! STOP! wołam z POLSKI do Was.

  14. Jane G.

    Idaho (and other states) wolf hunt is against nature and immoral! Humans never fail to amaze me with their greed and love of killing. They tamper with the balance of nature, never contemplating the end result.

  15. John B

    I say keep the hunts… but make it fair. Any person allowed to hunt a wolf allows other people to hunt and kill them at the same time = playing field even. Better idea, make it illegal to fire any kind of weapon (gun, bow etc…) unless to defend yourself or family from imminent death across the board, throughout the country. If you do its a felony and there is jail time in a minimum sentence.

  16. arktoi

    these sick bastards will never stop until every single wolf is dead and we are back to an artificial environment filled with cattle, sheep and farmers who don’t give a damn about how nature goes about balancing itself. the govt. is doing nothing. obama is doing nothing because he is ignorant. what the hell is wrong with americans?

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