Gray wolf in Denali, © Didier Lindsey

Groovy Gray Wolf Infographic

Happy Wolf Awareness Week! To kick things off, we thought we’d share this cool infographic we put together to explain where gray wolf recovery stands (and why the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service should maintain protections!):

For more information, visit our Delisting Disaster campaign page.

20 Responses to “Groovy Gray Wolf Infographic”

  1. Rosa Caldwell

    Please don’t let them become extinct. We need our animals to grow and survive and be around till the end of time.

  2. Jerry Batten

    Wolves are critical to a healthy ecosystem and an important part of our natural heritage. PLEASE, for the respect and sanctity of our natural world, the heath of our environment, and the protection of this magnificent creature, let’s continue their path of recovery. Do NOT let their extinction or reckless slaughter be a part of our legacy. Allow our children and our children’s children know and see how this country once was, and set the right example for responsible stewardship of our precious natural resources.

  3. Jerry Batten

    Please help continue to restore the wolf to it’s rightful place in our natural world.

  4. Michael Guest

    You can’t do this. The wolves need our help more than ever. I want them to stay protected everywhere. Otherwise they’ll die. Get this message clearly before it’s too late. Take action now

  5. Wolfgirl

    Many species do not exist in their historic ranges, not just wolves. In this day an age, species cannot persist in human dense habitats. Wolves have healthy populations in the US. The hunting of wolves keeps them healthy for the current human density of the united states. Wolves, and other species, will never be able to persist in their historic ranges in this day and age. This takes populations out of scientific context. Wolves are not going to be hunted to extinction again with current hunting regulations. The regulations are set by wildlife biologists such as myself who have done studies in the field and are invested in the wolves well being. With so many people on this planet, there has to be compromise, and the biologists understand that.

  6. wherecanigetsomeobjectivity

    Extinction? We’re nowhere near that level, but states do have some aggressive plans but there will always be the protection of the ESA regardless of what states do. States will reap what they sow if they let their anti-wolf extremists dictate the discussion.

  7. Deb Reis

    Keep wolves on the Endangered Species List. We need them for all of the reasons above! Our ecosystem will flourish with them. Remember the chain of life….we can not afford to loose this link..

  8. Judy Head

    Please fight to keep the wolves alive and in their rightful territory. I wish we had the gray wolf in the southeastern U.S. They are magnificent animals.

  9. geri perry

    Please help save the wolves. Keep them on the endangered list. Stop killing these beautiful animals. Thank you.

  10. Liz Denton

    These lovely creatures live in family groups & are so intelligent they must think the human race has gone crazy & we must fight for their survival not only to preserve these amazing creatures also they are so important to the whole Eco chain for many species survival, only the human race massacra’s for fun I’m sorry but I do not understand the mentally please let them live in peace as god intended

  11. Dave Wipper

    Gray wolves are an integral part of the ecosystem which science has proven time and time again. To my understanding and experience as a Wyoming resident, the only people who benefit from delisting the wolves are ranchers who graze their cattle or sheep on public lands or hunters and trappers who mistakenly believe that wolves are responsible for declining numbers of elk and moose.

    A science-based decision process in keeping the gray wolves on the endangered species list is critical; ranchers, hunters, and trappers shouldn’t dictate the control of wildlife populations.

  12. Del Hardin

    Before the introduction of European people, the North American continent was a perfectly balanced Biosphere. This is is a fact. Time and time again in my 60 years I have seen the lesson have to be relearned by U. S. Department of the Interior, and on down to State Departments of Fish and Wildlife, that removing an entity, especially an apex predator vital to the food chain such as the Gray Wolf, as being harmful to that balance in nature. But beyond the value to the Biosphere as the integral part they were always meant to play, we owe our children and all who come after us to leave behind a legacy of stewardship that ensures our wildlife will always be here. If the wolves are no longer in the wild where they belong, if indeed they are hunted and killed to extinction, we will have failed at being Human Beings, for we changed things from the normal to suit mankind. Please do not let the wolf suffer the fate of the carrier Pigeon…the last one on Earth died in a zoo…. extinct is forever.

  13. Erin Hauge

    Your infographic illustrations are excellent and indeed groovy…showing at a glance the status of wolf recovery…where we’ve been and where we’re headed if the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proceeds with its delisting proposal…keep up the great work, Defenders!!! And to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Keep the Gray Wolf under Endangered Species Act protections….now is not the time to delist. Thank you.

  14. Billie Garcia

    Great info graphic!!! It just goes to show how much work must still be done We all know that wolves will not be able to exist in EVERY location they were once in but should have the opportunity to exist in more than just 8% of their range! The states that are currently monitoring their own wolf population are slaughtering them! Attention needs to also be paid to what happens to a pack when it is badly fractured by hunting trapping poisoning, etc. This scientific studying needs to have more than just numbers applied. It is possible to live in harmony with wildlife and not “manage it” the way certain select individuals seem to think is appropriate! Wolves belong to ALL Americans and the majority of us want them treated humanly and fairly so they will flourish and continue to thrive! Thank you Defenders!!!! Keep up the good fight! I’m with you till the end!!!

  15. MontanaNative

    Wolves in certain areas are being hunted aggressively but overall the populations are viable enough that they will not be driven to extinction any time soon. However in areas like my state, what is happening to them is most unfortunate. And no Wolfgirl, it was in no way a compromise. A compromise would have consideration for the whole group. The wolf management plan in my state only considers hunters and ranchers. No one else. They totally ignored the tribes when they tried to talk to FWP about what wolves meant to their culture. And they ignored wildlife watchers when they tried to comment as well. Groups like DOW aren’t going to be able to do anything about that either. Well, I shouldn’t say that. They COULD but they won’t. What would really help with wildlife conservation is to get everyone who wants to be involved a chance to do so. Right now hunters pay, so hunters play. Everyone else sits at the sideline. If we can’t change that, there will be no end to this fight. That is just the way it is. It would be the most effective step in changing the way ALL wildlife is managed across the nation. But no one seems willing to do it.

  16. Marque Ann Dunham

    When it comes to wolves, it is not about numbers. It is about family. A wolf is a wolf when it is a part of an intact, unexploited family group capable of astonishingly beautiful and complex cooperative behaviors and unique traditions. If a family group is left unexploited (that is, not trapped, shot, poisoned or otherwise killed by humans) it will develop extraordinary traditions for hunting, pup-rearing and social behaviors that are finely tuned to its precise environment and that are unique to that particular long-lived family group.
    We must shift the conversation to emphasize the vital importance of intact family groups. The notion that we “harvest” a fixed percentage of an existing wolf population that corresponds to natural mortality rates and still maintain a viable population misses the point. It is not HOW MANY wolves you kill, it is WHICH wolves you kill.
    Natural losses typically take younger wolves, whereas hunting and trapping take older, experienced wolves. Older wolves are essential because they know the territory, prey movement, hunting techniques, denning sites, pup rearing and teaching and because they are breeders. If an alpha wolf is killed by humans, it sets off a chain of events that leave most of the family group dead and the rest scattered, rag-tag orphans.
    This is happening all across the country and into Alaska. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service proposal to delist the gray wolf nationwide is flawed because it is based on numbers.
    You can’t manage wolves by the number. You can’t count wolves over a certain area and say it is a “healthy population.” The functional unit of wolves is a family, a multigenerational extended family group.
    Wolves are no longer endangered when these family groups have permanent protection, when we manage according to this essential functional unit, and when wolves have adequate habitat and prey. If we leave wolves alone, they will manage their numbers in concert with their environment.

    I have a question, Is this slaughtering of wolves being done because of the pipeline that is being built and and people’s ignorance about the threat of human life by wolves?
    I have also noticed how much money the individual states are charging for a wolf license. By de-listing the wolf off the endangered list the government is turning it over to the states and they can profit from this action.

    I never read or hear about the importance of the family unit is to the welfare of the wolf. I would ask that when the Defenders of Wildlife speak to encourage the government to put the wolf back in the care of the government and list them as endangered, that this crucial fact be put on the table.

    I hope that this is read by all with an understanding that the wolf pack MUST be kept together or the young wolf will not be taught how to survive.

  17. scott rondeau

    Keep up the efforts to save all wolves, coyotes and other animals that are needlessly and unjustifiably eliminated by human scum!!

  18. mary gibson

    who really is responaible for the slaughter of the wolves. Is it the ranchers using their land for free? My guess is this is the truism resulting in the wolf destruction! We need to charge these nice folks for the use of the land, or return the wolves to the ESA pronto before they too like the passenger pigeon are no more!

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