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Wolf Weekly Wrap-up

Wolf supporters gather at the White House, howling for continued federal protections.

Wolf supporters gather at the White House, howling for continued federal protections.

A howling good time – Couldn’t make it to DC on Wednesday to howl for wolves? Then check out what you missed! About 50 wolf supporters from Maryland, Virginia and DC joined us outside the White House to show their solidarity with wolves. Organized by our friends at the Endangered Species Coalition, we wanted to help raise public awareness and call on the Obama administration and Sec. Jewell to maintain federal protections for gray wolves in places where the species has still not recovered. Many children attended and wore wolf masks, and they were joined by a costumed Journey, the famous Oregon wolf that spent a year in California looking for a mate.

This rally was just a warm-up for the events we are planning around the upcoming public hearings hosted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to take comments on the delisting proposal. We hope to bring even more passion and enthusiasm to those rallies to encourage FWS not to abandon wolf recovery. If you haven’t signed our petition or submitted your comments on the proposal, there’s still time!

More money for wolf management – The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently awarded grants totaling $850,000 to nine state wildlife agencies to implement nonlethal deterrents that reduce conflict  between livestock and wolves and to pay compensation for livestock losses. We’re very happy to see that Montana will receive $100,000 for conflict prevention while Washington will receive $85,722. Disappointingly, Wyoming did not request any funds for nonlethal conflict prevention, which suggests they continue to rely upon killing wolves as their primary management strategy. This is the largest funding effort in support of nonlethal tools and methods to reduce losses of livestock and wolves in our nation’s history and a good sign that these methods are finally gaining in acceptance among wildlife agencies.

Best photos ever! – Our Wood River Wolf Project team continues to do an excellent job helping sheep herders keep their flocks safe as they move through wolf country. As an added bonus, they’re turning up some amazing surprises, thanks to our remote, motion-activated cameras. Recently, our crew found a photo of three wolverines in the same shot! That’s exceedingly rare considering there are fewer than 100 wolverines in all of Idaho.

One, two, three wolverines walking through the forest

One, two, three wolverines walking through the forest

Biased peer review halted – On Monday, the LA Times reported that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is going back to the drawing board on selecting scientific experts to review its delisting proposal. After excluding several top biologists, FWS faced serious public scrutiny for appearing to cherry-pick scientists who would agree with their short-sighted position on wolf recovery. But we’re encouraged to see that the agency took those concerns into consideration. Defenders is now calling on FWS to turn the peer review process over to a neutral and credible scientific society such as the National Academy of Sciences to appoint qualified experts. Thank you to the thousands of supporters who helped us contact the FWS and protest their decision to exclude these scientists.  It’s a good demonstration that our efforts do make a difference. Read more from Monday’s blog.

4 Responses to “Wolf Weekly Wrap-up”

  1. Celue Sturm

    What’s becoming extinct is our deer elk and moose herds! But you don’t care about them!! Our once beautiful Yellowstone has become a bone yard because of this! There is literally NO calf crop they are being systematically torn apart by this national tradgedy!! Its a crime the way you are brain washing these children! The Canadian Grey Wolf is not an endangered species but is very much a horrible threat to the US! What a terrifying legacy you are leaving these children!! You should be ashamed!

    • Jim

      You never herd of the lake trout invasion in YNP? They eat cuttroath trout, cuttroath trout are decilning. Bears eat cuttroath trout. What bears eat instead? Elk calf. They “steel” elk carcasses to wolves because it is more easier than take down a moving elk. Then the wolves have to take an other elk, elk are declining. Lets not forget the numerous drought, bad winters and warm summers.

      If you are not able to see what is going on, then YOU are the shame.

  2. Nancy Tyl

    This is for the wolves.

    To our government that is eagerly wanting to kill off every wolf in the USA……let’s have a look at the wild bear situation….

    I keep reading and hearing news about how the bears in our National parks and in other locations are attacking humans…..Hummmmm….when was the last time a wolf attacked a human anywhere????? Maybe our wonderful government should keep their eyes and ears off our wolves, but, be more vigilant with the bear situation.

  3. rogermuffett

    I live in Laramie, Wy. We’re heading over to W. Yellowstone and Gardner, Mt. to stop certain ranchers from shooting the WOLVES. Didn’t we make them extinct not so very long ago? Wish us luck….A furious group that is going to itleast try to do something……

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