Cut the Power, Cut the Carbon

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As summer heats up, most of us want to cool down. But taking advantage of breezy days when the mercury isn’t too high is a great way to cut back on otherwise fired up carbon emissions. Take it from Alli – staying cool for coral!

Alli’s got some great tips on how to cut back on using energy-intensive air conditioning. Not only does she eliminate some serious emissions, but she saves on her electricity bill as well!

Climate change is having serious implications for coral reef around the world. Higher water temperatures cause coral bleaching, a sudden death that occurs when corals expel the algae that normally live inside them, providing them with food and bright coloration. Warmer oceans also make corals more susceptible to bacterial and fungal infection, such as black band disease and purple blotch disease. The loss of coral reefs affects all types of life that depends on the reef for habitat, from fish to sea turtles. And things are only going to get worse. As carbon dioxide emissions rise and the oceans absorb more of the gas, the ocean becomes more acidic; this change in chemistry makes it harder for corals to grow. At high enough acidity, corals can actually start to dissolve.

Alli’s not the only one cutting the power to cut carbon – by going to bed earlier and shutting off the lights, Karen’s powering down for polar bears!

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Whether it be your AC or bedside lamp, each flip of the switch counts towards reducing carbon emissions and protecting our wildlife from the mounting threats of climate change. We want to hear more! What are YOU doing to shrink your carbon footprint and protect imperiled species? Read these simple instructions and tell us what YOU’RE doing to protect wildlife from the harmful effects of climate change.


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  1. Daiana Ortigoza

    please stop with pollution! The wáter is vital for the life and the oxygin too!

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