We Can’t Make This Stuff Up

(A NEW, irregular column to capture insults to wildlife)

In the latest assault on wolves, Rep. Candice Miller (R-MI) introduced a bill this week that would strip protections for even more gray wolves across the country. (read our press release here) The proposed legislation got a resounding endorsement from anti-wolf extremists who are eager to get rid of wolves.

Here’s what Don Peay, founder of Sportsman for Fish and Wildlife, had to say:

“With the need to trim billions from the federal budgets, returning management of wolves to all states ends redundant federal expenditures for a job states can do better. More importantly, abundant big game herds are an American treasure, a renewable resource that with proper management can sustain tens of millions of dollars in annual economic activity, tens of thousands of jobs, and the opportunity for hundreds of thousands of Americans to put food on the table.”

Really? Wolves also bring in $35 million annually to Yellowstone alone, and they don’t have to die to do it. Not to mention that 1,650 wolves in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming currently share the landscape with more than 360,000 elk and more than a million deer.

The choice isn’t between wolves and big game. The choice is between responsible wildlife management and catering to anti-wolf special interests like SFW.

Learn more about what Defenders is doing to secure a brighter future for wolves.

7 Responses to “We Can’t Make This Stuff Up”

  1. Rhonda Lanier

    Amazing how incredibly stupid these people are. Not just cruel and inhumane, but just downright stupid. Killing wolves will help the economy!! Really, you may want to revisit the number people that visit Yellowstone alone each year. And bulletin – it’s NOT to see cattle and elk!

  2. Rob Beer

    It’s a sad world we live in. Good luck with all you’re doing to protect these wonderful creatures.

  3. Barbara Bussell

    I do not think this guy knows what he is talking about. Without wolves our economy would be better. I think he has lost his mind.

  4. Anne DiNucci

    Why will they not cut the really ridiculous earmarks? Some of them are so expensive, and so unnecessary. There was one on Fox News. This government is spending taxpayers money to watch a shrimp run on a tiny treadmill! I kid you not. I sat there with my mouth open. Many of these earmarks of this administration that we NOW have appear to have this mentality. They have to go before we loose all the animals because the animals somehow make money for them and before we become a communistic country. Who the devil voted for Obama?! He’s got all his ‘plants’ in power. Example: Salazar. I would love to follow many of these illegal trails. Bet they lead right to the front door of the white house.

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