Defending Wildlife ‘Til Death Do ‘Em Part

Wildlife experts, Martha Schauss and Henry Coletto, are committed to more than just each other. The happily married couple is also dedicated to saving some of California’s most charismatic critters.

It’s a match made in heaven. “Martha is the brains of the outfit,” says Henry, a retired game warden. “And I’m the brawn. I have the experience and she has the knowledge. When you put those together, you have a heck of a team.”

But don’t be fooled by Henry’s modesty. This dynamic duo has had a hand in ushering more than one endangered species away from death’s door. They helped to reintroduce Tule elk to the Mount Hamilton range, fought to keep lead bullets out of California condor country, and are now working to protect some of the last habitats for the San Joaquin kit fox from falling victim to energy sprawl.

Check out this interview with Martha and Henry — true Defenders of Wildlife!

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