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We Can’t Make This Stuff Up »

They may be cheap to produce, but plastic bags kill marine animals, leech toxic chemicals and take an estimated 1,000 years to decompose in landfills. So why are California textbooks now touting positive messages about these disposable derelicts?

Back in the Gulf: Living On-board »

If you have to be out at sea doing research, the Gordon Gunter is the place to be! Read Defenders’ chief scientist Chris Haney’s last account from his recent trip to the Gulf of Mexico to survey seabirds, and see what life is like aboard the “Ship of the Year.”

Back in the Gulf: Tricks of the Trade »

Seabird identification, especially from a pitching and rolling ship, is not easy. But Defenders’ chief scientist Chris Haney does his best while down in the Gulf surveying for impacts from the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster. Read on to hear his tricks at sea.

Back in the Gulf: Life Without Wings »

Although out at see to survey seabirds impacted from the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster, birds are hardly the only marine life Defenders’ chief scientist Chris Haney sees on his Gulf study. Read on to hear about the array of life he encounters just below the waves.