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Sage-grouse, © Jean Bjerke

Saving Sage-grouse from “The Core Problem” »

Unfortunately, and although the Wyoming plan has its merits, key components of the strategy are not in accord with the best available science on sage-grouse and are unlikely to protect sage-grouse from ongoing threats, particularly oil and gas drilling. “In fact, federal agencies and other states should avoid adopting the Wyoming strategy if their goal is to conserve sage-grouse,” says Defenders’ sage-grouse expert, Mark Salvo.

Sage-grouse, © Jean Bjerke

Sage-Grouse: Ambassador for the Sagebrush Sea »

Sage-grouse are by no means the only creatures that make their home in the Sagebrush Sea, but they are some of the most important. Protecting these iconic western birds can mean providing benefits for many other species in these grassland ecosystems.