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Lights out for Calico Solar »

The sun is finally setting on the poorly-planned Calico Solar project, which would have been a serious threat to the desert tortoise, burrowing owl, golden eagle and other creatures of the Mojave desert.

BREAKING: Controversial Solar Power Plant Challenged »

Conservation groups have made a last-ditch appeal to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar urging the Bureau of Land Management to move the Calico Solar Project from vital desert habitat to degraded lands that could produce the same amount of energy, but pose less risk to imperiled wildlife and the environment.

Shedding Light on Solar Energy Projects »

While most of us have an understanding of how polluting fuels such as coal and oil harm the planet, the dark side of solar energy to some may still be a little murky. Defenders’ California program director Kim Delfino shines some light on the topic.