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Defenders On the Ground (On the Wing?) »

This spring, I joined Defenders’ expert Caroline Kennedy and a group of scientists from around the world to band red knots on the New Jersey shores of Delaware Bay. See the footage from my experience and get up close and personal with these imperiled shorebirds yourself!

Preparing Refuges for Rising Waters »

As sea level rise threatens to inundate America’s east coast, Blackwater and Alligator Rivers National Wildlife Refuges face the very real threat of disappearing into the sea. What does that mean for the wildlife they support, and what actions can we take to help?

Outlook (K)not Good »

For these shorebirds, it’s a situation gone from bad to worse: already the victim of plummeting populations, new research reveals that red knot numbers have continued to drop dramatically. With numbers now at their lowest, is there still time to save them?