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Coral Reef, © NOAA

Do Corals Stand a Chance? »

From acidification and bleaching to an unsustainable wildlife trade, the world’s coral reefs are in an ocean of trouble. Join Defenders’ friend and board member Jeff Corwin as he dives beneath the waves to investigate the threats facing these hotspots of biodiversity, and what’s being done to save them.

Preparing Refuges for Rising Waters »

As sea level rise threatens to inundate America’s east coast, Blackwater and Alligator Rivers National Wildlife Refuges face the very real threat of disappearing into the sea. What does that mean for the wildlife they support, and what actions can we take to help?

Lionfish on the Loose »

It’s a case of “Free Willy” gone wrong: the release of a home aquarium animal into the tropical waters off of Florida has resulted in a potentially devastating explosion of invasive species populations along the U.S. Atlantic coast. The runaway? Lionfish.