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Right Whales, © Brian J. Skerry / National Geographic Stock

A Victory for Endangered Atlantic Whales »

Entanglement in fishing lines is a serious threat to endangered whales in the Atlantic. Now, thanks to years of work in the courts, the National Marine Fisheries Service has to formally review this threat and address how it impacts these endangered species.

Humpback calf, © Caroline Good

Watching Whale Protections at Work »

As an environmental lawyer in Washington, D.C., much of my work involves the often invisible world of policy, laws, and court decisions. Every now and again, however, I have the incredible privilege of getting out to see the wildlife I work to protect. This past weekend, I got to do just that on a whale watching trip in one of the most important whale habitats on the East Coast of the United States—the waters off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.