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87,000 Defenders Speak for the Trees »

So far, more than 87,000 Defenders supporters have written to the Forest Service, urging stronger rules to protect the more than 190 million acres of forests and grasslands. Help us reach our goal of 100,000 comments. Tell the Forest Service you want to protect wildlife on our nation’s forests.

Species Spotlight: Canada Lynx »

A glimpse of its stubby tail or tufted ears and you may mistake a Canada lynx for its bobcat cousin, but this big cat is more adept at navigating the deep, snow-packed forests of Canada and a handful of our northern states, including Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Minnesota and Maine.

Arizona’s National Forests to Get Management Makeover »

The Obama administration’s proposed forest-planning policy, which will guide the management of 193 million acres of national forests, is drawing criticism from a lot of different voices. Ben Brown with the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership in Arizona is the latest to speak up for wildlife in a radio interview with the Public News Service.