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Frog, © Brian Gratwicke

Leap Day the Frog Way »

The real purpose of leap day may be to keep the calendar aligned with the seasons, but here at Defenders of Wildlife, we’d like to believe the day is designed to honor our favorite leapers.

It’s Not Easy Being Green… »

Some exciting news from our friends over at the National Zoo! Defenders of Wildlife, the Smithsonian’s National Zoo and 5 other zoos around the country have partnered on The Panama Amphibian Rescue project, created to capture frogs that are directly in the path of chytrid fungs, an epidemic which is wiping out frog populations across the globe, and keep them safe until they can be once again be returned to the wild

The Invasion is Coming! »

Exotic wildlife (not zombies) could be headed your way! These foreign creatures often carry disease and disrupt native plant and animal communities, and we need your help to stop them.

Defenders hops to Panama to save frogs »

Frogs and other amphibians in Panama and around the world are in serious trouble.

A disease called chytrid fungus could lead to the devastating loss of amphibians world wide. Eastern Panama is one of the last remaining strongholds of many neotropical frog species that have been decimated elsewhere.

Defenders of Wildlife has partnered with the National Zoo and other zoo’s around the country to rescue amphibian that are being threatened by this deadly disease and to find a cure.

Our own Mark Cheater hopped down to Panama for a week to join the researchers and learn first hand the what is will take to build an Amphibian Ark and find a cure.