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caribou in Denali, © Lawrence Metz

The Fantastic Fall Migration »

It’s fall in Alaska, and that means that a spectacular migration is in full swing. Each year, North American caribou undertake an epic journey from their breeding range to wintering grounds – one of the biggest large-mammal land migrations on Earth. But a changing climate and the threat of development could make this annual migration a challenge.

A City Girl Takes on Alaska »

Defenders’ Marcia Lesky just made her first voyage from our Washington, DC headquarters to America’s Last Frontier – Alaska! Read about her unforgettable trip and the unique wildlife she encountered along the way.

Carpooling for Caribou »

It’s another Red Hot and Green Friday, and this week Aimee’s carpooling for caribou! She knows that a major way to cut back on the use of climate change-causing fossil fuels is to move differently.