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Designer Handbags for a Cause »

San Francisco Bay Area handbag designer Mary Frances—whose artsy, whimsical creations have adorned the arms of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities—is generously donating five percent of sales from her Ocean Habitat handbag to Defenders of Wildlife.

Six months later, a unique opportunity emerges for Gulf refuges »

It’s been six hard months for the Gulf region. And the tar balls that continue to wash up on the former white sandy beaches serve as a constant reminder that coastal communities are still struggling to regain economic footing, wildlife losses are climbing higher and higher and we still don’t know the ultimate extent to which oil and chemical dispersants will affect the fragile Gulf ecosystem. The long journey of restoration and recovery of this sensitive region has only just begun.

Defenders acts while Congress twiddles thumbs »

Today marks the six-month anniversary of the explosion aboard the BP Deepwater Horizon drilling rig that caused the death of 11 workers and initiated the worst oil disaster the U.S. has ever seen. But Congress has yet to act. Defenders knows that Gulf wildlife can’t wait, so we’re taking a stand on their behalf.

Grappling with the Gulf oil disaster »

Angry or depressed about the Gulf oil disaster? You’re not alone. Deborah Du Nann Winter, PhD, Professor of Psychology at Whitman College, says the emotional impacts of this massive environmental disaster are widespread.