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Deepwater drilling moratorium lifted prematurely, threats to wildlife left unaddressed »

The Obama administration today lifted its moratorium on deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, more than a month before the scheduled end date. Richard Charter, offshore drilling expert and senior policy advisor for Defenders of Wildlife said, “It is premature to lift the deepwater drilling moratorium in the Gulf. Although the increased safety and spill response requirements imposed by Interior Secretary Salazar are important, there are still no new measures in place to protect species such as endangered sea turtles and sperm whales, and imperiled bluefin tuna.”

Jeff Corwin: “This is the story…” »

Down in the Gulf, Defenders board member Jeff Corwin talks about the species we should be concerned about during the continuing oil disaster. “I want to look at this as an ecosystems event,” he says. “This is not just a story of the iconic Louisiana brown pelican.” Instead he tells Defenders, “What scares me is what we don’t see, but what I believe will resonate through nature for generations to come.”

Oases in the Gulf (Part 1): Sea life thrives at sargassum ‘islands’ »

Sargassum is a seaweed that, when densely concentrated, functions as a biological oasis throughout the nutrient-poor, almost desert-like surface waters of the deeper stretches of the Gulf of Mexico. Much like a terrestrial oasis, the plants form the foundation of this unique ecosystem. Because of its significant role in providing food and shelter, marine scientists are paying close attention to Sargassum in the Gulf in order to assess the harm wrought by toxic oil spewing from the Deepwater Horizon spill.