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Red knot, © Gregory Breese/USFWS

Red Knot Races Tide and Time »

During their migration from the Arctic to South America, red knots stop on beaches along the U.S. east coast and feast on the annual hordes of horseshoe crab eggs. Last fall, many of those beaches were washed away by Hurricane Sandy, leaving conservation groups scrambling to restore them in time for the red knots to pass through.

Mispillion red knots, © Andrew Harper

Red Knots Added to New Jersey Endangered Species List »

Hunkered down in their Southern Hemisphere wintering grounds, red knots may be out of sight. But the plight of the shorebird is certainly not out of mind. Just this week, the state of New Jersey added the red knot to its list of endangered species.

Defenders On the Ground (On the Wing?) »

This spring, I joined Defenders’ expert Caroline Kennedy and a group of scientists from around the world to band red knots on the New Jersey shores of Delaware Bay. See the footage from my experience and get up close and personal with these imperiled shorebirds yourself!