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Canada lynx, © Barbara Woodmansee

Lynx, Bunnies, and Beetles: A Tale from Colorado’s Rio Grande National Forest »

When we recently visited the Rio Grande National Forest in southern Colorado, researchers from the U.S. Forest Service shared that they had just discovered a den of lynx kittens. This excellent news is evidence that the secretive forest cats are continuing to make a living on this national forest, even though their habitat is radically changing in the Southern Rockies.

Pronghorn antelope, ©USFWS

Defenders Celebrates National Wildlife Refuge Week »

Here at Defenders, we love our wildlife and public lands, especially the National Wildlife Refuge System, the only federal lands system dedicated specifically to protecting wildlife and its habitat. Our staff work all over the country to advocate for some of our amazing refuges and the vital role they play in our conservation work.

Wolverine, © Anna Yu/iStock© Anna Yu/iStock

Wildlife Weekly Wrap Up »

Rare Wolverines Confirmed in New Areas in Wyoming; Wolf Science – “When shooting a coyote kills a wolf”; Rare Lynx Sighting Caught on Camera; Save These Sharks; Alarming Rates of Plastic in Sea Turtles