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Jaguar, © David Stein

Corridors for Jaguars »

For jaguars to establish new populations in the U.S., the cats must be able to travel safely across the border from their range in Mexico, and through southern Arizona and New Mexico. Protecting these vital migratory corridors is essential to jaguar conservation.

Monitoring the Bosque »

Over the summer, volunteers from Albuquerque and Santa Fe collected data with the Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Project. This project brings students, citizens and scientists together to gather information on the ecosystem, both for research and to help the public better understand this unique resource.

Utah prairie dog, © James Phelps

Worth Defending »

Court cases and a new proposed bill seek to remove ESA protections for any species located only in one state, a position that would cripple the protection of endangered and threatened species and would give free reign to economic pursuits, no matter the cost to our nation’s wildlife.