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Real wolverines hit the silver screen »

A new PBS documentary, Chasing the Phantom, has some of the rarest footage of the one of the least-understood carnivores as it roams the alpine wilds of the Northern Rocky Mountains and Alaska.

Little dogs on the prairie »

This summer, Defenders’ Rocky Mountain Representative Jonathan Proctor helped move hundreds of prairie dogs in Wyoming from the edge of Thunder Basin National Grassland, where they were threatened with poisoning, to an interior section of the Grassland where they will be fully protected from poisoning and shooting. Proctor explains why prairie dogs are important in a recent story on New West about the Thunder Basin relocation project.

Art for wolf lovers »

This September Etsy for Animals selected Defenders as its charity of choice and has been featuring handmade arts and crafts products inspired by one of our priority projects. First, they chose handiwork related to the Gulf oil spill, and now they’re bringing attention to endangered wolves in the Northern Rockies. Check out all their cool wolf stuff!