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Defenders Reports from St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge »

Laurie Macdonald, Florida Program Director for Defenders of Wildlife, talks with refuge managers at St. Vincent National Wildlife Refuge about potential impacts of the Gulf offshore oil drilling disaster… and what they are doing to protect the plovers and other wildlife that rely on this refuge.

All hands on deck – readying Florida for oil »

Florida is on pins and needles waiting to see whether oil will enter the Loop Current and make its way down the east side of the Gulf, around the Keys and along the Atlantic Coast. Much of Tuesday morning was spent getting briefings on the status of the oil and on impacts to fish and wildlife. On one call, we heard from Jane Lubchenco, administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. She and her experts reported that a tendril of oil was headed down towards the Loop Current, which would take it to the Florida Straits. On a later call, representatives from the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) , NOAA Fisheries and National Park Service discussed existing and potential impacts to fish and wildlife.

“Stop the job” – sometimes »

Guest post by Nancy Gloman, vice president for Field Conservation at Defenders. This week finds me visiting our Florida office, where I have come to see what preparations are being made to handle impacts to wildlife and wildlife habitats when oil from the Gulf disaster inevitably comes ashore.  My week began with a trip to the Humane Society… Read more »