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Removing deadly debris in Florida »

The morning of Sept. 20, Defenders of Wildlife staff and volunteers met at the Redington Long Pier on Redington Shores Beach on the Gulf Coast of Florida for another coastal cleanup. Due to an increase in the number of sea turtle entanglements under this pier, we were targeting underwater marine debris and monofilament fishing line. When we arrived, all of the abandoned monofilament line and hooks could be seen hanging from the pier like tinsel on a Christmas tree…

More danger for manatees »

The gentle and curious “sea cow” is one of Florida’s iconic animals, and one of the country’s most imperiled marine creatures, with a population estimated at only 5,000. While manatees reside year-round in the coastal waters of Florida, in warm months they can be found all along the Gulf Coast, and are repeatedly sighted in coastal Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana in summer. In addition to the hazards posed by boats, cold weather, habitat loss, discarded fishing gear and red tides, manatees in the Gulf are now faced with a new threat: oil from the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster.

News Roundup: Hands Across the Sand goes international »

This Saturday, people across the world will join hands in solidarity against increased offshore drilling operations. What began as a small event in Florida, taking place last February, has now become an international phenomenon in light of the ongoing Gulf oil disaster. Today’s roundup takes a look at just some of the press the event has already drummed up.