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California Shark Fin Bill Passes Assembly Vote! »

Great news! Bill AB 376, introduced by California Assembly members Paul Fong (D-Cupertino) and Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael) to ensure that California ceases to be both a major supplier and consumer of shark fins through a ban on the possession, sale, trade and distribution of fins, has passed its first major hurdle. Yesterday the bill was introduced on the California Assembly floor and was voted through by a vote of 63-8. BAM!

Shark Fin Soup Could Be Off the Menu »

Shark fin soup may be off the menu at California’s top Chinese restaurants if a bill to ban the delicacy is passed by the legislature. Similar to a new law in Hawaii, the California bill would make the possession, sale or distribution of shark fins illegal. Hear what Defenders’ Jim Curland has to say about this issue.

The Critical Sea Otter Research Your Tax Dollars Are Funding »

On the road to recovery the California sea otter is struggling against obstacles like disease, habitat degradation, loss of food, the potential for entrapment in fishing gear and nets, the ever-looming threat from oil spills and the possibility that climate change has had and will have in the future, impacts to sea otters, their food resources and habitat.