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How Do You De-oil a Polar Bear? »

The answer is, we don’t know yet. But as energy companies increasingly seek to drill for oil and gas in the Arctic, increasing the chances of a catastrophic oil spill, “we don’t know” isn’t good enough. Karla Dutton, Defenders’ Alaska program director, recounts how she found herself at an exciting hands-on marine mammal de-oiling workshop in Seward, Alaska.

Urge the Obama Administration to Stand Up for Polar Bears »

The Obama administration is considering opening the Chukchi Sea to drilling, even though there is still no proven, effective technology to clean up oil spills in sea ice conditions. The threat to polar bears, endangered bowhead whales and other wildlife is huge—please take action today to help us stop this potential disaster in the making!

Wolf Weekly Wrap-up »

Check out this week’s wolf news: a video on “Living with Wolves” in Oregon; the Wyoming two-step; wolves go down in Montana; voices of reason from Alaska to Minnesota!

Harry Potter: Bad for Owls? »

Authorities in India are blaming dwindling populations of wild owls, at least in part, on the fabulously popular Harry Potter books and films. Owls play an important role in the Harry Potter franchise, serving as companions and messengers for the wizarding world.